Album Review Lost Frequencies All Stand Together

ALBUM REVIEW: Lost Frequencies – ‘All Stand Together’

BRIT Awards-nominated producer and DJ, Lost Frequencies, has announced the upcoming release of his highly anticipated third album, All Stand Together. Set to drop on 10th November via Insanity Records UK, this record is expected to captivate fans with its infectious blend of feel-good electronics and pop sensibilities.

Renowned for his chart-topping collaborations, Lost Frequencies has enlisted a host of talented artists for this project. From his smash hit Where Are You Now with Calum Scott, which secured the #3 spot on the UK charts, to his recent solo release, The Feeling, he continues to demonstrate his ability to craft irresistible tracks. This time around, he explores exciting musical territories alongside acclaimed artists such as Calum Scott, Netsky, James Arthur, Tom Gregory, Zak Abel, and many more. The chemistry between these artists and the Belgian prodigy himself is palpable throughout the record, resulting in a diverse and captivating sonic experience.

As anticipation builds, Distract has the privilege of receiving a preview of the highly anticipated album. Every single track on this masterpiece has the potential to be a chart-topper. Music lovers can look forward to a collection of 11 sensational tracks that will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to many memorable moments.

One standout track that deserves special mention is No Limit to My Love featuring the talented Zak Abel. His smooth, soulful vocals effortlessly glide over the mesmerizing beat, creating a fresh and funky vibe that is undeniably captivating. It is without a doubt our favourite track from the album.

Another noteworthy track is All Stand Together, a more subdued offering that showcases the ethereal vocals. The haunting melodies and vocals come together harmoniously to create a sense of completeness that truly elevates the song.

Leave You in the Past, featuring drum and bass producer Netsky, is an engaging and compelling blend of guitar-driven melodies, pop vocals and a reference to mid-1990s UK garage music that unexpectedly come together to create a unique sonic experience.

The commercial hit track, Where Are You Now, benefits from singer/songwriter Calum Scott’s vocals. The artist’s presence on this smash hit brings an added level of depth and resonance to the overall album. With its infectious rhythm and captivating composition, “Where Are You Now” demonstrates Scott’s ability to capture a specific mood and deliver it flawlessly. The track peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart in 2021.

Showcasing his musical development over the past several years that has seen him sell-out arenas with his Lost Frequencies Live tour dates, perform at every major festival from Tomorrowland to Lollapalooza and Creamfields, and earn a Brit Award nomination for ‘Best International Song’, the best is yet to come. Putting a pin into the musical map of where the multi-platinum maestro currently stands in his career.

From uplifting house and tropical sounds to influences of folk, acoustic instrumentals and deep vocal performances, over to dancefloor-ready anthems, All Stand Together is set to stand as Lost Frequencies’ most signature artist album yet.

In addition to the album release, Lost Frequencies will be bringing his energetic live performance to Hits Radio Live in Manchester on 25th November. Known for his high-energy sets and infectious stage presence, the DJ is sure to ignite the crowd and create an unforgettable experience. The event, scheduled for the 25th of November, will undoubtedly be a highlight of the year for dance music enthusiasts.

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