Artist On The Rise: NYC’s Taylor Belle

”I need some real lovin’, the kind that don’t end in the mornin’, but nowadays that’s all they’re offerin’“, a lyric and tone-setter from native New Yorker singer and song writer, Taylor Belle’s hot, new September 2018 single, “Fucked Up”.  A catchy pop song with R&B flavor that’s relatable and ignites emotional triggers; heartache and resentment, but shares a message to never settle for less in love and life.

I recently discovered this gem of an artist, when I spontaneously attended an event for emerging artists at DJ Ian Ford’s Bushwick, Brooklyn cafe, Caffeine Underground, hosted by rising artists, Shijocamp, Deadlake and Pinktacos. As soon as she took the stage, I was an instant fan or dare I say, “groupy” and found myself bopping my head and chillin’ amongst a diverse group of 20-something hipsters, dressed like they were fresh off a Brooklyn Street Fashion runway. Definitely my kind of scene; great energy, eccentric fashion and music.

Belle’s sultry voice mixed with gritty electric guitar and an undertone of hip-hop beats drives audiences wild, when Belle performs the catchy single. Admittedly, I added it to my playlist and pop it in my ear while riding the subway. She successfully sucks us in by evoking emotions we can all relate to. No matter the gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation, most of us have been in a relationship where we desired a deeper bond and emotional connection from someone, beyond just being used as a quick sexual escape.

The gifted 20 year old is no stranger to heartache. Some of her childhood experiences, as well as romantic relationships have been cathartic inspirations for some of her best music. She has been singing since the age of 9 and has been coached by and performed with artists such as Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), Taylor Caniff and Sammy Wilk. She is currently working on her first album, due to be released in a few months. In the meantime, you can catch her performing in the NYC area and follow her on social media.

Don’t sleep on this positive, bohemian-chic, talented beauty. She’s on fire!

Written and Photographed by Jodi Cornish


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