Meet Belau! Electro Duo Brings Organic Downtempo-Chillwave Music to the Masses

Belau are electro duo of Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas. There music is fresh electro-chill and their song “Island of Promise” featuring the vocals of Dóra Hegyi was the soundtrack of HBO’s “Golden Life” series. We meet them for an exclusive one on one chat!

1. Describe your sound in 3 words?

Organic, electronic, chill 

2. How would you describe your music? 

Belau takes their listeners to cheerful places, filled with sunshine, where one can relax, unwind and find peace and harmony. The music starts you on an inner journey which is a gift in our world of increasing isolation. 

3. Tell us about your new track ‘An Ocean with No waves’?

The lyrics of ‘An Ocean With No Waves’ we tried to balance between the two different layers of the song: on one hand there was Yas’ sentimental and outstanding personage, on the other hand the ever-growing message of Belau. We tried to capture the lyrics she came up with and write a hymn for togetherness reconciled by nature’s force. It is about love in its eternal entirety.  

4. Tell us something no one else knows?

We have a new single coming on 8th of May 🙂 

5. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Maybe Gibbons from PortisHead

6. Wheres been your favourite place to play live and why?

Primavera Sound in Barcelona, it’s the coolest festival near by the sea. 

7. This is a crazy time at the moment! How are you using your time in Isolation?

Yes, all of us in quarantine, writing new songs and working on some  

8. What Would we find on your Spotify playlist?

It’s a collection of our favourite artist mostly chill songs which has connection to the seaside mood. 

9. Describe a day in the studio?

First we made the chords/melodies, after it the beats and producing, and the end of the session the lyrics and vocal. 

10. If you had to go on a dinner date with any celeb out there who would it be and why? 

At the moment maybe it would be Victoria Pedretti (actress), because I liked her in the Netflix series, You 🙂 

11. What are your plans for next year? 

On 29th of May we’ll release our second album called Colourwave, and also have some videos. After the global virus we would like to have an album release tour primarily in Europe. 

12. How can we find you on the web?


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