Childish Gambino goes big with ‘Telegraph Ave (‘’Oakland ‘’ by Lloyd)

Childish Gambino brings the big screen feel to us in his most recent video ‘Telegraph Ave (‘’Oakland ‘’ by Lloyd) .

Gambino has only just released his STN MTN / Kauai mixtape / EP, but this man don’t know the word pause or slowdown such is his work ethic..

This mini movie which features Jhene’ Aiko as his love interest takes on us to locations that can only be described as picturesque and beautifully serene.

The track is off his album ‘Because the internet’ which was released in December ‘2013 which is a wonderfully crafted piece of modern hip hop.

Cinematographer (Director) Hiro Murai which I’ve nick named as the Tokyo born storm is at it again adding another notch to his belt by creating a wonderfully shot paradise backdrop which lets the scenes play out with gentle ebb & flow which matches the landscape chosen by Murai.

I’ll give nothing away in relation to the plot just watch this video and you’ll be pleasantly surprised or perhaps slightly miffed come the end of it.

Editor : Adrian T

AKA : agethemc

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