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7 Times You Almost Didn’t Recognise Doja Cat

Back in 2018, Doja Cat became a viral sensation with meme song Mooo!, but what most people didn’t know, hidden behind that tongue-in-cheek song wasn’t a one-trick pony, but a multi-talented artist with vast amounts of versatility. Not only is Doja Cat a rapper and a singer, she’s also a producer and songwriter.

In addition to her music artistry, Doja Cat is known for her playful fashion sense, with alternating fun-coloured hairstyles. So much so, there’s a common thread on the internet joking about her ever-changing and evolving style. She’s been a watermelon, a cow and a 70’s disco queen, to name a few. Many have concluded Doja Cat is officially a chameleon.

Here are 7 times you almost didn’t recognise Doja Cat:

1. The E-Girl

One of Doja Cat’s go-to beauty looks is the e-girl. She even hosted a video make-up tutorial on Vogue, sharing personal tips and a guide to pulling off the e-girl aesthetic.

Doja Cat Vogue Tutorial

2. 70’s Disco Queen

Throughout her Say So music video, Doja Cat wears multiple 70’s inspired outfits and hairstyles against an iridescent retro backdrop, reminiscent of a 90’s lava lamp.

3. The 80’s Hip Hop Throwback

Styled by Brett Alan Nelson, Doja Cat sports the green colourway of the Adi­das Orig­i­nals x Ji Won Choi track­suit. Nelson accessorised the outfit with a white bucket hat and chunky chain, as a statement piece, for her Juicy music video.

doja 90s

4. Punk’d

Doja Cat exudes edgy-punk confidence in her Boss B*tch video; a single which features on the soundtrack album for blockbuster movie, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (2020).

5. Adventures of Doja Elf: The Mythical Creature 

With waist-length, white-blonde hair and a soft pastel make-up look, she recently served us ethereal vibes during lockdown via TikTok. Doja Cat’s making it clear she owns the 🧝🧝🧝emoji.

6. The Siren 

If anyone remembers what life was like pre COVID-19 & lockdown, Doja Cat rocked this leopard print beachwear outfit whilst on tour in Hawaii.

7. The Feline Femme Fatale

Imagine reaching the last level of your game with Doja Cat appearing as the final villainous boss. In her music video for ‘Rules’, Doja Cat embodies her alter-ego & name with fierceness.

We’ve thrown in an extra one because why not…

8. Doja Kitten

Before she was Doja Cat, she was once a kitten. Do you recognise her?

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