Egyptian-American Fashion Designer Promotes Beauty and Brains

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To many, New York City is the fashion capital of the world. One often hears, “anything goes”when it comes to fashion (from head to toe). When it comes to runway shows/events, the general public is mostly familiar with, NYFW (New York Fashion Week), but there is Bridal Fashion Week, Swim Week, Fashion Week Brooklyn, Men’s Fashion Week, Street Fashion Week and a host of others. These shows are a great way for established, as well as rising designers to showcase their collections and aesthetics. It was at a Street Fashion Week event, where I was first introduced to Egyptian-American designer, Amanda Kamhawy’s clothing line, Satin Roses. Her clothing flows beautifully and has a unique edginess and timeless feel. After following Amanda on social media for a few months, it was apparent that she designs with a conscious purpose to give back.

During our chat earlier this season, I was eager to learn more about this smart and talented Egyptian beauty. I immediately loved her passionate vibe and pursue-your-dreams-with-fervor or sit-your-ass-down attitude. A graduate of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), where she majored in fashion business management, the 28 year old has been pursuing her fashion dreams since her early teenage years. She often travels from NYC to her native country, Egypt for fashion projects and to visit family. Since her years as a little girl, she has always wanted to start selling her clothing in Egypt and now that dream has become a reality. In addition to her retail business, she produced a project which is near and dear to her heart; the beauty and brains campaign. This project advocates the importance of education and emphasizes that beauty is not just skin deep.

All of the photos feature student and Egyptian model, Rahma Eliwa at the MET museum.

Photos by: Sheri Matos

Model: Rahma Eliwa wearing Satin Roses clothing

Hair and Make-up: Sara Aly

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