Fashion Spotlight: Dazzle & Jolt interview

Fashion Spotlight:  Dazzle & Jolt  interview Distract TV

Distract’s @AgeTheMc meets Fashion Designers : Dazzle & Jolt at Shopcade London Fashion Week.  if you need anyone to brighten up our day, these two will with there talented ‘Out There’ British independent designs.

Founded in 2012, by two friends with a love for rainbows, pink flamingoes and palm trees, Dazzle & Jolt’s aim is to wash away the monochrome palette with a rush of colour and bold, bright prints.

Illustrated designs featuring exotic animals and birds such as tigers and toucans bring a whole new twist to the London style scene.

Throw on your sunnies, grab a pina colada and get tropical with Dazzle & Jolt!

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