First Look! “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” MOVIE

Originally, when I heard Aaliyah‘s life was being made in to a movie I was so excited. Especially after watching the TLC Lifetime movie as it seemed to portray a honest version of the group’s perspective of their story.

Honesty, I never feel the characters of a biopic have to look exact to the person they are portraying as the acting would be the most important feature. However, in a biography about a music artist‎, I do feel it is ridiculous that the original music will not be featured.

The movie has faced controversy on social media. Chattrisse Dolabaille is down for the part of Missy Elliot and Izaak Smith as Timbaland, but it’s seems the issue is that they are too fair skinned to be those characters! Further more zendaya coleman  opted out of the film after an uproar on social media to boycott the film. This seems childish to say the least.

Does this mean Aaliyah fans won’t watch the film? Her family certainly are not for this production! Considering the film is going to be on TV and not on the big screen, I feel people will watch it just because  there has been so much controversy behind it. I know this makes me even more curious about the film. No doubt there will be a lot more activity on social media after the film is aired.

All in all, if it’s on and I have nothing else to do, I will be watching. But i’d be lying if I said I was going to make time out of my busy schedule to watch it. I think it’ll make for a good film about a girl’s rise to stardom, but other than that, it seems like a weak biopic of Aaliyah’s life s what she was known for was her music!


Editor : @Gita_Cellei
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