GRABBITZ chats 90s rock inspirations Nirvana, Pearl Jam & STP

Q. So to KICK it all off, describe GRABBITZ in only three words

One man band.

Q. Who did you grow up listening to and what are you listening to right now?

I grew up listening to a wide array of music. I guess my earliest memories are 90s rock. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden, etc. Now I collect music I like and essentially put it on shuffle whenever I listen, so I always get a little bit of everything: electronic, pop, alternative, hip-hop, classical, film & game scores, and my own demos & songs.

Grabbitz-2019’s one to watch

Q. If you could work with any other Producer/ Rapper/ Singer on a record who would it be and why? 

I want to work with Skrillex, I just think we would vibe and create a unique sound together. Also would love to work with Lady Gaga, or Pharrell. I’m just trying to work with people I aspire to be like, who’ve honed their craft so I can keep learning and getting better.

Q. Tell us about your new single, ‘Information Overload’?

Information Overload is old-school meets new school. It was a step in a new direction for me. I made it with my friend Pierce Fulton who is one of the most talented dudes I know, and his musical direction is in line with where I want to go. It’s a wicked cool pop song.

 Q. You were featured on deadmau5’s hit single “Let Go,” which has over 18 million YouTube views and reached #11 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Chart.’ What was it like working with such a revered producer like deadmau5? Did he give you any tips?

I’ve always respected Joel so much, from his ear for melody, to his execution. He’s a true artist and a mad scientist in his own regard. I gave him my vocal parts and just allowed the process to happen however he wanted it to unfold. He didn’t give me any tips, but he showed me that no matter who you are, good music can make it to the ears of your idols.

Q. We have a few easy questions for you now – Who would your celebrity parents be?

Cher & Sonny Bono

Q. What’s your go to emoji?

Lately it’s been the glass of milk 🥛

Q. Who is your style icon?


Q. If you had to spend a day with Kylie Jenner or an ‘egg’ what would it be and why?

If Kylie wasn’t wifed up I would say let’s kick it but the egg is looking like the true option and it’s also rich in protein.

Q. Where do you feel most content/at home in LA or NY?

Buffalo. My family, my day ones, chicken wings.

Q. Any gigs/events planned for 2019?

I’m practicing my live show so I can play it for you.

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