Gwen Stefani’s back were not lying!

‪‬Gwen Stafani known best for tracks such as ‘Bananas’, ‘holla back girl’ and ‘Sweet excape’ to name but a few is back with new single ‘Baby Don’t Lie’‬.

Its a huge change from her old indie/reggae stuff and it sounds like she’s gone a bit Charli XCX on us.
Fans are turning on the singer in there droves Youtubes @LaCheleWallace  has said:
Really, Gwen? I expect so much more from you. We go back to the Sublime days. Early 90’s. I understand it’s the climate of music that made you do this, but this is terrible.

While others have supported her saying:
@Łukasz Mędrysa
I don’t understand this hating…The song is catchy, Gwen’s voice is very good, so what’s the matter?

We like the track at DistractTV HQ, but its not about us – let us know your thoughts and tweet us ” DistractTV  #GwenDontLie
The 45-year-old singer also confirmed that another No Doubt album is on the way

Gwen Stefani new single “Baby Don’t Lie” available now



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