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There sound is 80’s inspired pop with a tropical  electronic twist. They can be categorised somewhere in between Jessie Ware, Jai Paul and Sade.
They will be putting one song out each month for the next few months. We meet the guys for a quick 1 on 1.

1. Describe ‘Luxe For Fun’ in three words only?
Modal Melodic Dealership

2. You have been described as the love child of Sade and Seth Troxler (electro/ house DJ) would you agree with this?
We haven’t heard of Seth Troxler, so that undermines the question – however we’ll take Sade and add Peter Gabriel, and remove Seth Troxler with the greatest respect

3. Were you both into the same music growing up and did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Alex: I don’t know what I want to do!
Zara: I was into Britney and Michael Jackson – and a bit of Dusty Springfield
Alex : They were good. I liked Nas and loved Kanye West. 
We both love Kanye West.
Zara: I knew I always wanted to sing, but didn’t have a plan beyond that
4. Tell us about the track ‘Motions’, how did it come about?
Alex: Zara began writing ‘Motions’ while studying Jazz at Guildhall, and it was one of the first songs we finished writing together.
Zara: We re-wrote the song hundreds of times until it was the best possible version of itself. We began by recording the drums at Pink Bird studios in London, and then recorded the rest in Copenhagen (at Delta Lab Studios)

5. Any loves, other then music?

Alex: It’s important to love yourself
Zara: I have an obsession with bagels
6. Favourite track to perform at a gig?

We haven’t gigged together as a band yet, so that’s kind of hard to answer. The slow, quiet jams are often the best to play – unless the crowd’s not into it and then it’s traumatising!

7. Any celebrity  crushes?
Alex: Bernie Sanders
Zara: I love Kristen Bell from ‘
The Good Place’ on Netflix

8. Your music is clearly heavily influenced by the 80s, do the films ’The Breakfast club’ or ‘Goonies’ mean anything to you?

Alex: We have only one year of life in the 80s between us, and during that year of life I believe I did actually see The Goonies, and it was good.
Zara: I haven’t seen The Goonies but I have seen The Breakfast Club – it was great


9. If you had to work with either ‘Tina Turner’ or the late ‘Whitney Houston’ on a record, who would it be and why?

Alex: I would choose Whitney Houston, over almost anyone actually. I feel like there’s a lot of unfilled talent/potential there – she might be one of the greatest voices ever!

10. Who do you think will be big in the music scene next year? And why?

Alex: I think we’re the worst people to ask this question – as we have regressive musical taste. 
I think last year Cyhi the Prynce was awesome, and possibly (or at least in this country) didn’t get the level of claim he deserved – so maybe his acclaim will swell in 2018.

11. Whats the first song you remember ever singing ?

Zara: I remember singing ‘Oops I did It again’ by Britney Spears with tights on my head pretending to have long hair
Alex: Me too

12. What’s your ritual before going on stage/ how do you prepare?

Alex: Well we haven’t been on stage together, but we have lots of rituals in the studio
Zara: Vocal warm-up, tea, water
Alex: Upper body warm-up
13. What’s your favourite emoji?
Zara: the crystal ball or the thank-you hands
Alex: the karate outfit

14. And before you go- where  can we find you online?



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