Jessie J slams “traitor” on latest track- ‘Luke James’ possibly?

808’s & Heartbreaks is the title Jessie J could have easily given to her latest track. The song entitled ‘Think About That’ feels honest, truthful and is going to be a sure fire smash.

Jessie has abandoned all the warbling and gone back to doing what we love the most actually ‘singing’

In the song she allegedly calls out “traitor” American singer-songwriter x boyfriend  Luke James who apparently betrayed Jessie.

Jessie J and Luke James

Her lyrics are powerful and slam the mystery person ( insert ‘X’ US singer Luke James) for using her fame to make money. Produced by DJ Camper, Jessie says that writing the song got her out of a rut with her music.

The track is rumoured to have been written in 15 minutes – impressive work Ms J!

The question is: should we be thanking Luke for this latest hit? Who knows maybe I will send him a tweet later…. 😋

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