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Weeks before an Album release date Kanye’s controversial counter productive words about the painstaking period of slavery during his TMZ appearance. His free – thinking ways have actively pushed his core fans to the margins judging by the publics reactions on radio phone on profile radio shows after the event responses. Once a champion of the people seemed but now seeming to be in cahoots with the alt – right machine judging by his infamous picture of him wearing a MAGA cap. Even his most ardent fans where starting to wilt and you could not blame them.

“I Thought About Killing You” finds Kanye in bi- polar third person monologue reflection contemplating destroying his most destructive side of his self. Starting off in a sombre mood before ending in a Trap – wave crescendo. “Yikes” is self promotion personified as Kanye references his TMZ shit storm, whilst referencing his bi-polar super powers to over come it all and come out stronger. “All mine” which features one of Kanye’s most one dimensional lines “none of us would be here without cum” perhaps illustrating how on the surface he’s become as the depth just isn’t there. As in his more previous work.


“Wouldn’t Leave” is the most introspective of records and features a line “I’m thinking like George Jackson, but sounding like George Jefferson.” This perfectly sums up Kanye’s inability to really articulate whatever his beliefs strong beliefs maybe (Jackson) without sounding like frankly a joke (Jefferson).


“No Mistakes” is an upbeat sunshine inducing number which sounds like the Kanye of old with his effervescent energy as he bursts into his vocals ” no love lost but the gloves off…” backed by a wondrous vocal arrangement from longtime protege Kid Cudi & the soulful crooning capabilities of Charlie Wilson, but just as your starting get into the mood the track comes to a close. “Ghost Town” is possibly the break out smash of the album, again featuring the heartfelt soul of Kid Cudiand 070 Shake closing out the track. It’s bluesy soulful throwback feel gives you a more rounded song with a real feel that’s lacks throughout this album generally.

“Violent Crimes” is Kanye in father mode as he looks on in somewhat trepidation at the realistic factors of having daughter and basic nature of man that threatens the innocence of his baby girl. It’s fleetingly touching but lacks that star quality which literally sums up this most latest Kanye offering. 

Feels like Kanye never really gets out of gear 1 with this album and offers his critics more ammunition for the hunting season

My verdict 5/10

Adrian Rich @agethemc


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