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Always looking to up the anti creatively and we find Kendrick in fine form.

Searing and urgent making you feel the intensity of the record. Moody but with uplifting use of the 808 drums. So inventive is Lamar as he brings in a heavyweight feature in the form of actor Don Cheadle who plays a interrogator.

Kendrick, is continuing the activism of likes of 2Pac aka Tupac Shakur and offers a subtle tribute to the slain rapper. Don Cheadle’s interrogator mocks the meaning of DNA (Dead Nigger Association). This leads to Cheadle pushing the button to begin the  test only for the him to be examined instead. The lie detector is symbolic of the fake nature of the industry.

The lie detector goes off the charts as we realise Cheadle’s character is lying to himself.  He simply cannot accept the fact that he’s been programmed by the system to believe hip hop music is the root of all the social problems.

The conflict between the two climaxes with Cheadle realising that he’s been duped by the very system he trusted. They come to agreement that Hip Hop is not the cause of the social Ills amongst the African American demographic across the country.

The final act of this video finds Kendrick back on the street with his team. He vents about the lack of truth in hip hop & the world in general. Matrix reference cleverly articulate the levels that Kendrick is viewing things.

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