Is KTEE the reason Jessie J should be worried?

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New artist on the scene Singer KTEE is making moves on the music scene, From.. and already being compared to Jessie J – this singer is one to watch this year. We meet her for a 1 on  1 tell all session

  1. Describe ‘KTEE’ in three words only?

powerful, optimistic, ambitious

2 . Tell us about the track ‘So What’, how did it come about?

SO WHAT is a very special song for me, since the message behind it is one that is so important for me personally and I also think for many other young people. To do what you love, even if other people make fun of you or say that your dreams are stupid or that you are not gonna be able to fulfill them. Time is so limited here, and that’s why it is so important to not waste your life by playing by the rules of others. The song also says that it is of course not always easy to “do what you love” because we live in a world ruled by pressure, by people or a society telling you what is “cool”, “good” , “preferable” “perfect” and “desirable”. Nobody is perfect, and there will be obstacles in your way and you will make mistakes, but those mistakes make help you grow. And as long as you always try to live your life by your own rules and know what is good for you and what’s not, you are on the right track.


3.You have been compared to the likes of Jessie J and Zara Larsson – would you agree with this?

Oh really, have I ;)?

Jessie J:Jessie J’s newest jam ‘Not My Ex’

They are both great singers and performers. Especially

Jessie J, she is a voice-goddess, so it is flattering to be compared to her, but I would not dare to compare myself to her 🙂

I have listened to a lot of Jessie J songs and I really like her style. So, maybe my music has been influenced by hers in a way.

4. Any loves, other then music?

To be honest: no 😉

I mean, I like chilling and watching series, but I would call it love. My heart belongs to music <3

  1. Favourite track to perform at a gig?

At the moment it is of course my new single “So What“, I claim it is the best song I’ve written so far and I really enjoy singing it. But I also love singing my last single named „Rollercoaster“, because people can sing along and I like that.

6. Any celebrity  crushes?

Well…puh… no… but if I have to name someone, I’ll take James Bay. I love his song “Hold back the river“ and he is kind of cute.

James Bay 2018
  1. If you had to work with either ‘Dua Lipa’ or ‘Rita Ora’ on a record, who would it be and why?

I’d take Rita Ora, just because I know her songs better than Dua Lipa’s and she seems like fun-person.

8. Who do you think will be big in the music scene next year? And why?

Hopefully KTEE 😉 That would be super great 😀

  1. Whats the first song you remember ever singing ?

Celine Dion’s My heart will go on. I was huge Titanic fan when I was a kid, so of course the song was important to me. I remember taking my brush using it as mic and I sang the song in front of the mirror. Again and again. I dreamed about being Celine 🙂

10. What’s your ritual before going on stage/ how do you prepare?

I always try to find a calm pace (usually the bathroom) where I can do my warm-up exercises. They sound kind of stupid and when other people enter the bathroom, they always look at me as if I’m a maniac. haha.


11. What’s your favourite emoji?

Just love them 😀



And before you go- where  can we find you online?


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