LIBERATO bring their alt-pop hyper-cinematic experience to the masses

Mysterious, masked Italian alt-pop singer-songwriter LIBERATO is pleased to announce an exclusive series of shows across Europe this summer, having already sold out dates in Berlin, Paris and London, including his home town of Naples, LIBERATO has added additional dates to these shows due to the unprecedented demand.

We were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive UK London date on Sunday night at Electric Brixton and LIBERATO did not disappoint! The energy was crazy!

The enigmatic artist will also make a special appearance at Dour Festival in Belgium in July.  Renowned for his high-octane, immersive live experience, LIBERATO will showcase songs from his latest album ‘LIBERATO II’, for the first time since 2018, having garnered over 600 million streams combined on YouTube and Spotify.  

LIBERATO’s long-awaited second album, ‘LIBERATO II’ is a dramatically playful journey across that peculiar space where FORZA NAPOLI and the world collide. 7 songs, 7 souls, 7 tracks, 7 stripes on the pastiera, 7 neapolitan love songs. From the traditional modernity of PARTHENOPE, a love tribute to the eponymous singing siren, symbol and personification of LIBERATO’s own city and love Naples, to the pumping bassline groove of NUN CE PENZÀ. There’s the infectiously dark overtones of his confession NUNNEOVER to the hyper-cinematic ballad ANNA.

From the smooth synth drops of GUAGLIUNCELLA NAPULITANA to his own version of traditional song CICERENELLA and the grand finale, ‘NA STORIA ‘E ‘NA SERA. LIBERATO’s II is a journey across that peculiar space where waves of traditional Neapolitan music crash into rocks of romantic, decaying modernity. 

The new album ‘LIBERATO II’ is out now –

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