Meet electro-house musical super pairing ‘Storeys’ AKA Anthony ’Saff’s Saffery (Cornershop) and Steven Smith (Dirty Vegas)

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Storeys return with a brand new track ’Gold’, lifted from their forthcoming 4-track EP ’Neon’ due later this summer.   Following on from their recent singles ‘Climb Any Mountain’, ‘Distance’ and ‘Together’, ’Gold’ continues the band’s musical evolution. Blending hazy ambient soundscapes and unfiltered electronic grooves, the pair’s creative vision shines through on the track’s cathartic core. They say: “A spiritual message of guidance and encouragement. Again, something transitional is happening and following an energy like the sun, instilling peace and faith for the next stage.”  The duo could easily have met in any number of cities, stages, or clubs, but it was a South London friend that brought them together when they were introduced at a favourite restaurant in Boston, USA. Conversations of Smith playing live shows at hedonistic 90s dance clubs in the UK alongside legendary DJs such as Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong. Saffery recalling a journey from punk clubs to the burgeoning M61 warehouse scene with a soundtrack of A Guy Called Gerald, LFO, and 808 State, a musical alliance was formed.

1. Who are Storeys in Three Words only? 
Past. Now. Future. 

2. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist? 
Overmono: So U Know
Redshape: Frantic
Joy Orbison: Better
Portugal The Man: Ghost Town
Jacques Greene: For Love

 3. We love your your new EP tell us a bit about how this came about and a bit about your favourite track from the EP?

Steve and I have been doing music for many years but  then, in 2020, at the deepest pandemic point, we set about the idea of Storeys being a collective ‘sample-base’ of past musical and life experiences then how it would project in to todays framework. Then do that and feel free about no rules other than what we think sounds right for the track.
Favourite track is Climb Any Mountain, personally. It’s positive, fun and gritty.

4. Steve Smith – You’ve had success with Dirty Vegas in the past, how is this new project different from that? And Anthony – Did you bring any influences from Cornershop over to the new music?

SS – this project is very different to anything I’ve done with DV this feels a more natural and personal experience that I feel comes through in the music . 

I’d say the principle of staying in the vision of the song and trying to be free of the thought of “what do other people think of this” was a useful tool from the Cornershop music making workflow.
5.Who are your musical inspirations? 
Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Leftfield, Burial, Guy Called Gerald, Kate Bush, MJ Cole. Squeeze  

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify? 
Leo Sayer, Chas and Dave  

7.Your sound we feel is very electronic-house specific, is there a genre of music that you would collectively stay away from?
I feel you make some of the best discoveries doing music you think you can’t, or wouldn’t, do. 

8.Who would be your dream collaboration?
Kate Bush!

9.What hidden talent(s) do you have? 
Can do some nifty car repairs.

10. Describe your style to us? 
House music with song based arrangements and a nod to skippy Garage drums. 

11. Finally – what festivals have you got lined up for 2023/24
None 2023 but hopefully 2024.

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