Meet honey, jazzy, spacey singer Alice Phoebe Lou

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1.      Describe your sound to us in three words only 

honey, jazzy, spacey

2.     Tell us about the concept behind the song “Skin Crawl”-How did it come together?

after years of coming to terms with my history of sexual harassment and traumas, my drink got spiked in NYC and I was fed up and needed a way to work through my thoughts & experiences regarding being a woman and having your body be an open invitation for harassment in clubs, on the street, wherever. the song is about the ‘little things’ ; the words, touches, looks. striving for a world where women can feel safe and cosy in social environments.

3.     Everyone has their one favourite genre of music- what’s yours and why?

I have a lot of favourites, but I guess electronic music has played a big role in my life in the last 5 years, being able to go out and dance for hours is an important thing for me.

4.     How would you describe your UK fanbase?

honestly, our London gigs are always the best. we have such a lively and energetic audience out here and every time we have a gig here the energy levels just get higher and more enjoyable. we’re so lucky !

5. Who would we find on your Spotify-Who are you currently listening to?

Conan Mockasin, Loving, Good Morning, Nicolas Jaar, Thor Rixon, Hyroine, Amy Ayanda, Solange

6.     Who do you take inspiration from when making music?

my friends & community. the people around me. the youth in South Africa moving and shaking the music scene.

7.     could you give three words to describe your Style?

inconsistent, second hand, cosy

8. Who would you say was your style inspiration? Do you have one?


9. If you could collaborate with any artist out there (dead or alive) who would it be?

Little Dragon

10. What’s next for you – new music, tours etc? 

releasing an album in a few days ! and I just hit the road with my band for the longest tour of my life so far, through US & EU. once that’s over I’ll be working on my parties ‘Shenanigans’ and working towards a festival in 2020. watch this space !

Alex will be playing her London show at Earth on 17 April -Tickets-

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