We meet pop music’s new ‘it girl’ Emily Burns

 Shes already won us over with new track ‘b*tch’. We meet singer Emily Burns for a quick 1 on 1 chat about all things Little Mix, Destiny’s child and 90’s R&B.

1. Describe ‘Emily Burns’ In three words only?
Pink, creative and honest.

2. You have been described as the love child of Ed Sheeran and JoJo (early 2000’s R&B/pop singer) would you agree with this?
Ha! I love this! What an honour, I will happily take that! I think their songs are super catchy and also have R&B melodies, which I’d say I definitely try to achieve in my own music. I think they’re maybe too young to be my parents though. 

3. Were you always into music? Was this something  you knew you wanted to do?
I knew from a very young age that music was my passion. I remember starting to write songs (badly I’m sure) when I was around 8! I just found it so fascinating. I fell in love with words and melodies and spent a huge amount of time in my room with my guitar, coming up with ideas. I think I was about 15 before I realised I could actually try and make a career out of it. 

4. Tell us about the track ‘Bitch’, how did it come about?
I wrote Bitch towards the end of last year. I was in my room playing some chords and humming a melody and then I started singing the lyrics, “So you can live without it, but you don’t have to be a bitch about it” and I just started laughing away to myself, thinking I was so funny. The rest of the lyrics came very easily after that. I think everyone has been in that situation where they’ve seen an Ex getting on with their life and doing well without them, that’s what inspired this song. I’m certainly not at all bitter…

5. Any loves, other than music?
I used to LOVE football. I played a lot when I was growing up and miss it badly! Since moving to London I haven’t really had the time to play competitively but I’m always up for a kick around in the park with friends. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

6. Favourite track to perform at a gig?
I actually love performing Bitch live… it’s so much fun to get the audience singing along to the “You don’t have to be a…” hook. Plus, Bitch gets a new lease of life every time I have a bad dating experience … so it never gets boring 😉 

7. Any celebrity crushes?
Oh God too many. I have a huge crush on Rachel McAdams. I know she has a boyfriend and is expecting a child with him but… never say never right? I also well fancy Tove Lo ‘cause she’s just great in every way. 

Tove Lo

8. Your music is clearly heavily influenced by pop culture, do the films ‘Step up 2’ or ‘Save the Last Dance‘ mean anything to you?
I loved the ‘Step Up’ films growing up! The music and the dancing is incredible, I definitely tried to copy them. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen “Save the Last Dance” eeeek! I’ll go and watch it now. 

Step Up

9. If you had to work with either ‘Tina Turner’ or the late ‘Whitney Houston’ on a record, who would it be and why?
It would have to be Whitney, she was just stunning. She had one of those voices and deliveries that you really truly believe. I remember the first time I actually sat and properly listened to her music, (not just on the playlist at a party) … I was completely blown away. What a talent. 

Whitney Houston

10.If you had to join one of the following groups which one would it be and why?
-Destiny’s Child
-FIfth Harmony
-Little Mix

THAT, is a hard decision to make. I love them all in different ways! I would say Destiny’s Child but, I really think I’d embarrass myself on the dance move front. Therefore, it has to be Little Mix. Their tunes are so big, I know I’d have a lot of fun singing them. Touch is one of my favourite songs to cover.

Little Mix

11. Who do you think will be big in the music scene next year? And why?
I follow a girl from New Zealand called Gee Clifford who is insanely talented. Her voice is just so magical, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her very soon. 

12. Whats the first song you ever remember singing?
I remember being five years old and standing on top of a wooden crate in the middle of a market in Thailand (whilst on holiday) and belting out “I try” by Macy Gray. I think my parents had told the stall owner that I loved singing and so he started playing Macy out of a CD player. It used to be my party piece. I still love the song so much.

13. What’s your ritual before going on stage?
I always do a vocal warm up before performing, it usually ends up being in the toilets and I get some very funny looks. Then, I like having ten minutes alone before I go on stage – time to gather my thoughts and focus.

14. What’s your favourite emoji?
🙌 I use this one way too much. It just seems like there’s always so much to celebrate and be grateful for! So I use this one as a sign of excitement and appreciation. 

15.  And before you go- where can we find you online?
Follow me on

instagram: Emily Burns (@emilyburnsmusic)

on twitter @BurnsEmily or like my Facebook page @emilyburnsuk!  


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