Ocean Wisdom ‘Wizville’ Album Review: Arrogance & Confidence That Defies His Relative

Every now & again an MC will hit the airwaves that will just make you pause and catch your breath

Did he really just say that? How is he rhyming so tightly with that arrogance & confidence that defies his relative youth. It’s like an ocean of wisdom. Ohhhhh yep yep you got it!! That’s the name of this youthful rhyme schemer Ocean Wisdom!!

The cold blooded introduction track ‘Eye Contact’ over simplistic cypress hill early 90’s hip hop loop. Wiz eloquently delivers Crystal clear bars about his eye of the tiger mentality.

‘Don’ drum and based tinged braggadocios bravado. A track made for the festival circuit & raves. He shows his tendency for you humour and hilarious metaphors are used in abundance.

‘Brick or Bat’ Wisdom is plugged into the roots of hip hop as he delivers metaphors about how hard he hits hence the title. The level is ferocious the velocity is felt from the off. you feel it in your gut.

‘Ting Dun’ This is a monster collaboration with no less than one segment of the Wu Tang Clan in the form of Method Man featuring. I love the the way Ocean keeps it 100 by using that 90’s hip hop sound. He really Dun it on this one

‘Life’ is Ocean in his most introspective as he explains the drive and desire that he found to be what he is. The easy melodic beat lends credence to his mellower shift of tone on this one.

‘Tom & Jerry’
finds Ocean in story telling mode as he breaks down some shenanigans on road that led to him becoming the MC that he is today. The calm melody gives him space to really breathe on the beat quite beautifully.

‘Righteous’ is upbeat and vibrant as he stomps through with a sense of freedom an expression as he slips between flows effortlessly. Articulating his righteous ways. Rodney P, gives this track a beautiful balance as one of originators blesses the track with a gems after gem.

‘Burning a bridge’  heavily acoustically tinged it lends an authenticity to the subject matter. Ocean, shows depth as he critiques the folk who ain’t no good for him. Cleverly weaving between flows to give power to each verse.

“Revvin” urgency is provided by the baseline induced track from the jump. A sped up flow finds Ocean chatting facts about folk who say to much without being able to back it up. Dizzy  Rascal is in his element as he brings real fire on his feature. This is a standout, wild statement track.

‘Deebo’ “Similar rhyme scheme different flow.” He raps in his first line. Wizz shows makes us visualise his comfortable future that he’s working hard to create. The he starts off in a spoken word flow before ascending to speedy urgent delivery

I ain’t eaten’ is a distinct genre switch as he sits on this grime beat like he’s on his sofa at home. His flow is imbedded on the track and you quickly forget the first hip hop tinged first portion of the album. Remarkable I say truly remarkable. His skills are vast and others are scratches their heads trying to grasp.

‘Swoosh’ is a backwards step as he takes on a trap beat that ain’t bad. But it is instantly forgettable as Oceans braggadocio bars fail to combine in the designated fashion he originally designed. Just lacks energy and oomph.

‘Tiptronic’ Wis reverts back to hip hop in this one and doesn’t really produce anything revelatory from the previous tracks. The track itself just lacks any kind of verve or creativity. Unfortunately, Ocean doesn’t get out of first gear at all. P Money try’s to salvage it but it comes off feeling like massive missed opportunity.

‘Flavours’ starts off in a sinister fashion with its melody channeling a gripping scene in a motion picture. Lyrically his verses match the mood as he defines his greatness in the search for a money with utter conviction and ultimately his unequivocal dopeness

‘Less is more’ is a flip on the classic phrase as Ocean lyrically narrates an experience that explains less is not in fact more. Veteran rapper Jehst illuminates the track with socially conscious bars to help take this one up a notch.

‘Western Road’ is back on the grime road as Wisdom illustrates in flash back form about his trials and tribulations before his break through. He’s tells it in potent and urgent fashion. His intensity puts you dead centre into chilly world at that time.

‘Officer’ it’s dark in melody and conveys the edgy times we live in. The tone compliments lyrics that are dense and coded. It’s an ode to the streets in respect to feelings of over policing in the locality he resides in.

‘Incidents’ The beat is darkly energetic and thought provoking. Ocean, does is best work on a hip hop joint. His word play is intricate and complicated forcing another listen to get the meaning. Chester P, arrives in splendid fashion to remind why he’s one of the best MC’s this lands produced period.

‘Perspectives’ is Ocean at his most vulnerable as he sings for the first time. As he ruminates on viability of friendship whilst questioning what does it mean to love. It’s ballsy and artful in the same breath. Almost naked apart from a heart felt piano loop which accompanies Wisdoms vocals.

‘Menacing’ is another lyrical highlight on the album. Hip hop in its purest form as he cultivates rhymes that illustrate his depth and knack to ask thought provoking questions of modern man. The beat is saturated in that-melodic soul that allows ocean to really spit that fire.

‘Goosefraba FM – bonus tracks’ is lyricisms that’s cuts to the bone as he makes it clear that he’s a fixture in the music industry & he ain’t going a place!

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