One on one with professional snowboarder and World Champion Mathieu Crepel

Growing up riding both waves and powder Mathieu Crepel has been one of the few athletes to excel in two of the most extreme disciplines in action sports.

Retired from the contest circuit but still restless for adventure the Olympic contender decided to face one of the biggest challenges of his life surfing the notorious wave of jaws, Hawaii. 
We caught up with him for a quick chat off the back of  Shaka Mathieu’s personal connection with nature.
Mathieu Crepel © Distract | London 2018

– Do you remember your first moment on a snowboard? how did it begin for you?

From a young age it wasn’t something I thought about straight away ..  I just found that I loved it, started entering competitions, started doing well, then it was championships and olympics. Eventually I made a job out of it, getting to travel around the world, meet new people. It was just the evolution, my dad was supportive, my mum was really supportive.

– In terms of fitness how much do you train when your not doing this?

Swimming, cross training -I love to hike in mountains – there’s not a single day where I don’t do sports whether it’s pro sports or abs workout session.

– You have a fairly big following on social media- who have you had slide into your DM’s?

I don’t know….. mostly random people who ask questions-theres been a lot on how social media is changing our way of communicating. If People can use it wisely it’s a great way of connecting, there was one time I was talking to someone who was in Brazil who I didn’t know and we realised we had the same passions and some kind of connection. Who knows maybe one day I’m in Brazil I can meet that person -who knows.
It’s a good way to tell your community or your fans how you feel and say what you really want to say.

-What’s  your go to emoji ( your favourite emoji)

Go to emoji –
The Shaka 🤟

-Finally If you had to either eat Peanut butter for life or Jam for life what would it be?

I would definitely eat  Jam over peanut butter, It’s not our culture in France, I’m not a big fan of peanut butter let’s put it that way!

More on Shaka:  

Quiksilver proudly presents Shaka, Mathieu Crepel’s latest brainchild production in collaboration with Almo Films. Showcasing breathtaking visions of mountains and waves, “Shaka” follows the 4x World Champion snowboarder on his quest to surf some of the world’s most challenging breaks. The film takes you on a journey to the surfing world’s most iconic locations; Hawaii, Italy, Oregon, Indonesia, and around Mathieu’s home in the Southwest of France. “Shaka” follows surf and snowboard legends Koa & Eddie Rothman, Guillaume Nery, Kepa Acero, Gerry Lopez, Victor Daviet and Nathan Fletcher as they search for the ultimate high.

Follow Mathieu:

mathieu crepel (@matcrepel) | Twitter
Mat Crepel (@matcrepel) • Instagram


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