Blending nostalgic 90’s vibes with quirky, playful and funky hip-hop meet Pasha Park

Pasha is truly one of the most exciting hip-hop acts emerging from Norway’s rap-scene. Despite

being only 23 years old, Pasha has already created buzz and for this reason we grab him for a quick 1 on 1 low down session.

1.      Describe your sound to us in three words only 

fun, energy, funky.cute. dope

2.     Tell us about the concept behind the song ‘P.Y.G’-How did it come together?

it came together after a festival i did called slottsfjell. me and coucheron where in a vibe- and wanted to make something that just had all the energy and fun vibe that we have on stage.

3.     Everyone has their one favourite genre of music- what’s yours and why?

hiphop. just because thats what i mostly listen to. but i love funk and disco and soul

4.     How would you describe your UK fanbase?

haha i dont know. but if you like my music you must be a great person

5.     Who would we find on your Spotify-Who are you currently listening to?

smino. that guy is so dope! and since its summer a hole lot of geroge cliton

6.     Who do you take inspiration from when making music?

Just what im going thru atm and how i feel.  Maybe song i like i find things that i can do to twist it into my world

7.     could you give three words to describe your Style?

free, happy. cute.

8. Who would you say was your style inspiration? Do you have one?

Odd future help me through my youth. whit there attitude and style. it gave me something that i needed at the age of 17

9. You played over 40 gigs last year-  where’s been your favourite place to play and why?

hard to say but maybe my first own headline show i ever did! amazing to see so many people there.

10. If you could collaborate with any artist out there (dead or alive) who would it be?

Rick Rubin  i think we could make a world that sounds amazing.

11. What’s next for you – new music, tours etc?

i just dropped my album Park. so im doing a lot of shows and shit now haha! 12. Finally Where can we find you? (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc)

Pasha (@pasha_gud) • Instagram

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