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Princess Nokia: Saggy Denim

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Princess Nokia has put social stigmas to bed with her hit ‘Tomboy’, and after taking a huge leap being offered record deals and declining each one, Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has made each of her songs authentic to her and her story.

She writes her lyrics in the dark streets of New York, where her upbringing and story has a huge influence on her concepts.

The nostalgic sampled track ‘Saggy Denim’ represents the connection between fashion statements in the music industry. It constitutes the artists trendsetting ways in not following conventional standards.

Unambiguous, scandalous and colloquial lyrics bring a fresh narrative to the female rap scene. Nokia’s Peurto-Rican decent plays part in Saggy Denim’s context, slipping from her tongue is the latin impression that is nicely juxtapositioning with rap and trap music lately. 

Making similar moves to Trinidad Cardona and his single ‘Jennifer’, the smooth flowing colloquial culture embodies the track and is the part of the song that seems to stick.

Rising rapper Princess Nokia is a name to be spoken a lot more in the music industry in coming months. With her overthrowing of gender conformities and highly passionate feminist ways, there is a voice rarely spoken that is resonating with people all over the world. Saggy Denim is an explicit model of paving the way for females and the subversive gender expectations they are assumed to meet.

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