Rap trio Young Fathers Mix elements of rap, R’n’B, dub and gospel on album ‘Cocoa Sugar’

Rap trio Young Fathers have acclaimed a detached place between rap, R’n’B, dub and gospel. Mixing elements from each genre and using staggering piano/percussion beats, the group incorporates cultured rhythms, simplistic vocals and edgy sounds to stand out in their album ‘Cocoa Sugar’.

Young Fathers earlier mixtapes in 2013 posed unsettled beats, trying to find their feet in the music industry the flows did not cohere as well. Their 2014 project ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’ seemed to set the group in their stride, while ‘Cocoa Sugar’ puts them in place as the genre infused trio of this generation.

The album ‘Cocoa Sugar’ consists of tracks rhythmically stronger than others. ‘In My View’ poses a pleasing and catchy hook, in a similar way, tracks like ‘Lord’ incorporate gospel like elements along with dark dub sounds to create an unusual but simplistic sound.

The three members oppress their dignity and composure, while venting their political beliefs and stances through charging lyrics. Their uncompromising performances can seem melodically challenging for those not used to hearing such a mixture of sound genres, which can easily become a breeze to hear after a few listens.

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