Silver Tongued Rascals chat debut EP inspirations ‘Outcast’ and Spotify playlists ‘Nsync’

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Silver Tongued Rascals serve up thought-provoking, dance-floor quaking, genre-shattering indie-hop-electro bombs on new EP ‘Fellas On A London Sesh’ due to drop Jan ’24. In the run-up to the four-track-body-of-work they have been releasing a number of singles from July. Next up sees their latest track ‘Working Class Kids’ out in November offering people a taste of what lays ahead from their much anticipated EP.

To showcase the bands latests singles they will be performing a debut show in Leeds at The Wardrobe on December 7th.
We meet Frontman & Song-Writer Ben Randm

1. Who are The Silver Tongued Rascals in Three Words only?

Lively Energetic Vibes

2. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist?

Changes on the regs but currently it would be:

1: Jungle – Don’t Play
2: The Internet – Hold On
3: Minnie Ripperton – Inside My Love
4: Crazy P – Eruption
5: Klaus Veen – Poison

Oh, and of course ‘Weekend 3rd Degree…’ by our sense

3. We love ‘Askin for What?! ’ tell us a bit about the record?

Asking For What musically is an immediately compelling pounding groove with snarled Yorkshire vocals and tight riffs that chew up and spit out post-punk, ska and indie into something all new sounding akin to a blend beat-wise mesh of ’08 Santigold x IDLES. In short this track is zero fluff – 100% ATTITUDE!

This song is to encourage men to engage in our responsibility in helping resolve what is mainly an issue of our cause by calling out such actions.
We don’t expect fish to fix the pollution in the ocean so why does society keep saying that sexual harassment should have to be resolved by women!?!!!
It’s shocking and pathetic that this is lamented as a female issue n pinned on them in solving what is something that is quite literally shoved n forced upon them – this needs to drastically change, and rapid!

The stereo mastering on the EP was carried out by late-great world-renowned John Davis of Metropolis who’s previously worked on Foals, The XX, U2, Dua Lipa, The Stone Roses, Gorillaz and The Killers to name a mere few of his incredible back catalogue of collabs.

And in addition alongside the release of ‘Asking For What’ to raise more awareness and solutions on this topic we will also be providing a series of interviews and discussions with advocates and qualified personnel such as Leeds Womens Aid around this matter to help provide a broader range of accessible information geared towards reframing the status-quo of generic rhetoric and changing the landscape to a more equal society. These will be released in November ‘24 on both our and their YouTube channels to coincide with ‘White Ribbon’ ( )

We’ll also be launching a clothing range of limited tees which are based on lyrics from the single with all the profits going to women’s charities and organisations which specialise in these areas.

4. What can we expect from the long anticipated ‘Fellas On A London Sesh EP’?

tracks with lots of energy that stays high with wit and insightful lyrics and wordplay throughout!
‘Asking For What’ kicks us off an then its into ‘Weekend 3rd Degree…’ which is a celebration of nightlife and clubbing culture – a tune made in the same vain and vision of The Streets ‘Weak Become Heroes’ & LCD Soundsystem ‘All My Friends’ – and is geared towards paying nostalgic homage to an era of peoples Lives that involve endless countless nights out on dancefloors, after-party couches and reminiscing these days that for many now with a change of responsibilities and priorities are now just grinning memories of those days that were…

The 3rd track is the uplifting ‘Working Class Kids’ a defiant call to topple the structures and systems that set us up to fail. Imagine The Verve ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ written by Kendrick Lamar and you’ll be gaining a glimpse of this triumphant number

Last of all, ‘A Beautiful Bullshit Intimate Encounter’ is about attachments too toxic but hard to break relationships. It captures the ‘1 step forward, 2 step backwards’ scenario with grooves that bind you in tight.

They’re all to show our versatility and consistency with our broad sound feel that resonates and runs through them all nailing our identity and sound.

5.Who are your musical inspirations?

The Streets, OutKast & LCD Soundsystem

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify?

Depends what you class as embarrassing really as we have such a wide and varied taste but we do enjoy 90s pop and Im a bit partial to some *N Sync I can’t even deny hahaha

7.Is there a genre of music that you would collectively stay away from?

Not a genre per-say but anything by Drake gets swerved quicktime. And them gutless soulless covers of tracks that just nick the hook of a classic track but then sounds worse that it and bland AF that get done too much in dance songs and also adverts – proppa horrific ear pests

8.Who would be your dream collaboration?

Too many to mention but defo 2ManyDJs, James Murphy, Erol Alkan, Greg Wilson and The S.L.P. to name a few. And also an up n coming band called Porij – I’d Love to do some covers of tunes like Kelis & André3K ‘Millionaire’ with Egg their singer and put out spin on it

9.What hidden talent(s) do you have?

Other than Sparking the Soul of a Generation Im also pretty decent at being pretty decent which is pretty decent

10. Describe your style to us?

Indie Hop Electro

11. Finally – what have you got lined up for the end of ‘23 & start of ‘24?

Loads going on with us – We’ve our next single ‘Working Class Kids out on Fri 3rd November. We’re touring in December ‘23 for our EP in Leeds, London and Manchester. For info on our upcoming tour follow us on our Insta @silvertonguedrascalsThen the EP drops early Jan ‘24 before we fully takeover the year with a track called ‘Catwalk’ and embark on a series of tours and festival appearances – Come catch the vibe as we welcome you to our sound

Peace & Light
Ben Randm