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Singer-songwriter Leah McFall Discusses New Music & Upcoming ‘White X’ Tour in Q&A

There’s no doubt singer-songwriter Leah McFall has one of the most soulful and gifted voices of our generation. From her dynamic vocal range, to her creative vocal style, Leah is the perfect match for a whistle-note-battle with legend Mariah Carey (pitch for a new show anyone?).

It’s been over a year since we last caught up with the Northern Irish vocal powerhouse, here Leah McFall discusses her new EP, reveals the songs and TV show she’s currently obsessed with, and shares a secret or two.

Q. Who is Leah McFall? (In three words)
Some wee [lil] girl

Q. How would you describe your sound, for those who may be new to your music?
New Electronic R’n’B

Q. It’s been over a year since we last caught up with you, what have you been up to since?
I have been working hard making the new record, shooting music videos galore and planning the UK tour for April!

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Q. You will be embarking on your ‘White X’ tour later this year, tell us more and where can we buy tickets?
My Ink tour in 2017 was unbelievable. We sold out five cities. How crazy is that??! I’m completely independent, my husband and I just organise it and we could only afford to advertise on my social media platforms and people bought tickets and made it sell out. That is almost unheard of and I can’t believe it. The support I have is so encouraging and I am so thankful to everyone that wants to come hear me live.

The best part of the tour is the meet and greet part were I get to meet everyone supporting me, its a very special moment for me. This year we are just doing the three cities London, Manchester and Birmingham and will be performing the new music plus some unreleased music as well as older favourites.

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Tour Dates:
10th April 2019 – Manchester
11th April 2019 – Birmingham
12th April 2019 – London

Get your tickets at: www.ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/leah-mcfall

Q. We hear you are in the process of releasing a new single by single E.P, what can we expect and when does it drop?
‘Somber’ and ‘White X’ have already been released towards the end of last year. We now have ‘White X – live’ about to go out, and new singles called ‘Freckles’ and ‘Marriage’ that are currently getting music videos shot for. I’m releasing the whole record single by single so that no song gets lost within the bulk. I’m so excited about this records and can’t wait to share, I feel like melodically they are just the next part of this journey i’ve been on, and lyrically they represent what my life is like right now. I hope they meet people where they are at, encouraging them in their dreams, love and mental health.

Q. What is your most enjoyable song to perform? And why?
At the moment it is probably ‘White X’ , I love performing a song i’ve written in the studio with a live band and in front of an audience, it makes it come alive for me and also seeing it connect with other people, musicians and music lovers is my fulfilment of song-writing.

Q. What songs or/and artist’s do you have on repeat at the moment?
H.E.R and Daniel Ceasar – Best Part 
Khalid [& Normani] – Love Lies
Post Malone – WOW

Q. Who would play you in a biopic film of your life?
I literally have no clue. lol. Maybe Kristen Wiig? I hope to be that funny.

Q. Which shows are you currently binge watching?
Friends. Always Friends. I am literally the person everyone is complaining about that is making NETFLIX expensive.

Q. What’s your favourite emoji?
Probably the heart. Sounds boring but it softens every message… ‘Hi husband, the dog has ate the carpet again. And your beard oil. <3’

Q. What motto do you try and live by?
Enjoying the moment I’m in and not worrying about how to afford said moment. LOL. 

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Q. What social causes are close to your heart/do you wish there was more awareness on?
I also volunteer with @nomoretraffik running their social media. It is a charity in Northern Ireland, (where I’m from), that raises awareness and fights against Modern Slavery and human trafficking. It is crazy to me how much it is within our own communities, I can’t believe I thought it was only in far off countries. I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner. But now that I do, I am passionate to be a part of the movement that seeks to end it. Everyone deserves their birthright of freedom. 

Q. Tell us a secret…
I wear my husbands clothes when cleaning the house and picking up the dog poop.. so that mine don’t ever get bleach or crap on them <3 

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