Sziget Festival : Seven days of the World’s Biggest Artists!

The fifth biggest festival in the world, Sziget, welcomed over 530,000 people from over 100 different countries for seven days, to watch more than 1000 artists, performers and activists from Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters and Post Malone, to Dr Jane Goodall and Emtithal Mahmoud. 

Its most sustainable year to date, Sziget prevented use of 1.5million disposable plastic cups and 600,000 straws. 

Green planet

For our generation, the global warming and the environmental movement is important and so for the festival too. Sziget have been putting all their efforts to become greener year by year. For example, they don’t use any single-use plastic cups and straws. The main message of this festival is to love each other no matter the skin, sexuality, background or religion. Under the name “Love Revolution” Sziget also talks about sustainable development, speaks up against wars and guns. It’s very rear to have such clear goal for a festival, and it touched me. Hard times like these we really have to stick together and care for each other. Every year the organizers shed light on the global issues too. We demonstrated against global warming, protested for human rights. Dr. Jane Goodall, who is the UN Messenger of Peace, came after the Franz Ferdinand concert and talked about how together we are going to save this planet. Her speech was incredibly inspiring.

“The power of our diversity unites us, together we can change the worlds.”

The organizers of Sziget take good care of the variety of music genres to appear in the festival, that’s why we love Sziget, everyone can find their taste of music at the different stages.

The first performance was Ed Sheeran, he came on stage by himself and served a worthy sold-out opening to the festival with his simple but great music. He started with his slower songs and ended up with his funky-happy songs. I recognized that he is so happy to performing here and was blushing because we sang along his songs even when he stopped singing. And that’s all any true artist can really ask for, right?

The second headliner was Macklemore. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a while and to be honest he is one of my favourite. He is super funny and talented at the same time. I was curious if he can do both on the stage too. And he was amazing. Cracking jokes the whole time but also rapping awesome flows. He had a lot of change in the set regarding his costume but also the atmosphere. It was a 1,5-hour long concert and I was never bored for a minute.

Twenty One Pilots who define themselves as an electro-hiphop — indie pop — pop-rock band really showed a lot of faces throughout the concert. As a hardcore fan who has been following their work for years I was able to catch the references in the live show. For every song that came from a different area of their music, they wore different outfits, the same ones as they did back then. Although there was a lot of costume change the concert was going down smoothly. Both of them showed their strong qualities: Tyler Joseph the singer/rapper really connected with the audience, made them dance while giving them a 100% of performance. One of the heaviest moment was when the drummer Josh Dun was alone on the stage and played a “who is the better drummer” alone. They taped him before and he was reacting live. For me it was a parallel experience, which I’ll never forget.

Tove Lo is a Swedish singer and songwriter, she started her first headlining concert tour four years ago with the Queen of the Clouds Tour. Now she is confidently sings through her concerts, she has a beautiful and clear voice. Even though I didn’t really know her before she created an atmosphere where I really could feel safe. I was singing and dancing along with tens of thousands of people.

Post Malone is who we really, really wanted to see. He is the god of blending musical genres including pop, trap and rock. He gave us what we wanted, he smashed his guitar to the stage and ain’t gave a shit about what we will think and that’s why I loved that concert. He was easy-going and talkative with the audience. He is one of the artist who I want to see next year too, it was so memorable.

It was crazy for me how many people came this year. For the Ed Sheeran concert 60.000 fan came. The logistics were not the best to say the least. To get out of the festival it took more than an hour, some were panicking during the concert. But at the same time, every other aspects of these days and headliner concerts were great. There were enough toilettes, and when we were just walking around we had more than enough personal space. It’s such a huge festival I honestly felt like 7 days are not enough to explore everything. From workshops to legal counseling there was literally everything. Even TedX talks! Because of this and the truly amazing artists, I’m 100% sure that I’ll come next year too! And I wish I will see Billie Eilish, Rilés, Portugal The Man and Joji at the next Sziget festival!

Hope to see you there too!

Written by: Zsófia Bánszky and Eszter Kecskés D.

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