What can Dalton Harris Learn From Past X-Factor Winners?

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Dalton Harris is more than just the first foreigner to win X-Factor. Since his audition when he sang Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, his talent was already undeniable.

His rendition of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, reminded everyone that RnB is alive and well in the UK.

Despite all this, the reality is that Harris is a young gun in the showbiz game and still has a lot to learn in the cutthroat world of celebrity stardom. Thankfully, many of his peers in the champion’s green room have a lot of stories and experience to share.


James Arthur – 2012

Homophobia is no longer tolerated by mainstream audiences.

X-Factor winner James Arthur learned this the hard way when his use of homophobic slurs in one song led to significant consequences.

This is of course good news for Harris. While unfazed by the recent accusations that he’s gay, including dancehall legend Bounty Killer’s accusations that Harris is not a good representative for Jamaica, it might bring Harris some comfort to remember that homophobia hasn’t been welcome in the UK for quite some time.

Harris’ response to the allegations was to deny them and explain he’s comfortable enough with his sexuality to openly show affection towards men. Thank you, next.


Matt Cardle – 2010

Matt Cardle who beat 2018 X-Factor judge Louis Tomlinson, as part of One Direction in 2010, learned that you have to be selfish when it comes to your career choices. After his win, he signed on with label Syco Music along with X-Factor runner-ups and chart toppers One Direction.

After a year he left, openly citing the stellar boy band’s fame as his reason for leaving.

While many question the man’s choices, Cardle’s career shows Harris how it’s important to take your own path, even if it means detaching from the people who once had your back.


Louisa Johnson – 2015

Louisa Johnson was the youngest ever winner of X-Factor when she bagged the 2015 champion’s crown at 17.

At 20, Johnson could teach the 24-year-old Harris a thing or two about quality over quantity.

While it’s been three years since her win, with a few collaborations and featured spots on other artist’s albums, she still hasn’t released an album. Pop Crush reveals this hasn’t stopped fans looking forward to her first album at all. The lesson here for Harris is not to rush his career; he still has all the time in the world to pick the best collaborators and decide what his future holds.

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