Brad Pitt To Play Bob Marley In Biopic Is A Hoax?

Rumor has it actor Brad Pitt is to play Bob Marley in new Biopic.   Bob Marley the Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter, musician, and Legend died 1981 and is one of world’s most famous Reggae singers. Brad Pitt is one of the biggest versatile actors so this makes sense… right?

Sure he has no ethnic heritage but isn’t it 2004 -these things no longer matter and look at him here at his best in ‘Fight Club’ .

Well don’t get too excited as this may just be a hoax with reports stating that the leaked photo is photoshopped with the story  of Brad Pitt to play Bob Marley simply a fabrication.

If it does go ahead who should play Bob?? Let us know your thoughts:

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