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Why you need to know Pablo Nouvelle

we meet Switzerland born Dance/ electro genius Pablo Nouvelle.  Making songs from a combination of new and old samples this guy is all over the festival scene this year- we catch up for a 1 on 1.
Hello! Pablo how are you?
I am pretty damn good. Just returned from the mountains yesterday, spent the morning making music and now sitting in the sun while answering those questions. 
Describe your sound in three words only?
Embracing, multilayered and emotional.  
What can we expect from the NEW ALBUM ‘WIRED?
I think Wired has become a very eclectic album with a lot of different facets und colors. There are dark club tunes, pop songs and more relaxed organic tracks. It’s a accumulation of fantastic featurings with different songwriters, musicians, singers and producers. I’ve dreamed to work with those people for a long time. To have them gathered on this album is an amazing thing. 
Ok so moving on a bit having collaborated with a clutch of up & coming UK artists like Lulu James, Favela and Andreya Triana who’s been your favourite and why?
I wouldn’t want to point out one collaboration as more important then an other, as all of those encounters were special in there own way. Lulu James I know for years. We’ve met many times since we first wrote Finding You back in 2014. The vocals used on Wired, are actually from an unreleased second song we wrote that night. 
Favela I chased down over the internet. Since his release „Gong“ I was a huge fan of his work. So I hoped on a plane, flew to his hometown and we spent two days writing I Want For Nothing. 
To work with Andreya was special anyway, as I started to listen to her stuff even before 2010. Her featurings with Bonobo but also here debut are within the music, I might have listened to the most in my hole life. 
What kind of music do you listen to? What embarrassing songs might I find on your Spotify Playlist? 
At the moment I’m listening to Audio Dope, a swiss producer who makes mainly instrumental music. He just released his debut album. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Besides that it could be anything from german trap, to old american soul music or the newest RnB from the UK. I don’t believe in such a thing as embarrassing songs. 
If you weren’t DJ’ing/Producing , what would you be doing?
I’ld be exploring the most hidden mountains of this planet on two wheels. Into the wild.
What genre of music can’t you stand to listen to? 
Country music. 
What hidden talents do you have? 
None that I know of. Or maybe they are just very well hidden. For instance I’m sure I would be an amazing cook, if I only would get more into it. I’ll keep digging and I’ll let you know asap I found any further talents of interest.
Any loves, other then music?
Many, but the most important: I am into filmmaking. Actually I studied animation film. It’s my second job, and my passion. You can watch some of my shortfilms right here: 
Any celebrity crushes?
The Handmaid’s Tale. Episode 7. Zoe, who is leading the refugee group who helps Luke to flee the country.  What a strong, independent and beautiful woman. She gets shot in this very episode where she turns up for the first time. What a loss.


If you had to be an orange or a lemon which one would you be and why?

Forget about that hole if life gives you lemons make lemonade thing. I don’t want your lemonade. Freshly squeezed Orange Juice is the best thing in the whole wide world. So squeeze me right and I’m gone be your orange baby!

And before you go- where  can we find you online?