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DistractTVs Danni King and Jane Wicks give us the low down on there experience at this years Snowbombing Festival.

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SNOWBOMBING!!!!!! When I heard the news we were covering the festival for Distract TV, the first thing I did was think oh cripes I’ve never skied, and in the same breath grabbed my phone to check who the devil was playing – now this was one mother of a line up. The festival takes place in a quaint little Austrian town called Mayrohfen and marks the end of the ski season and boy does it go out with an action packed bang! It really doesn’t matter if you are a pro skier, bad ass boarder or total novice (like moi) as up on those glorious snow covered peaks there is something for everyone. A serious day of skiing is yours for the taking if you want as is donning your snow boots, joining the troops on the voyage up the mountain and having a jolly good rave up in the snow to some tasty techno. Just be sure to grab yourself a Glühwein (potent version of Mulled Wine) or a Jaegermeister to keep the chill at bay.

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The ride down at the end of the day is slightly ‘livelier’ shall we say, than the journey up! If you’ve not got too sloshed on the slopes during the day then you have a night of raving to look forward to. Every night saw amazing acts in the forest party and if you still have some dance left in you after that then the Racket Club keeps on serving til the wee hours. The beauty of this festival was not only waking up in a hotel bed every morning rather than a tent but also seeing artists I’ve never seen before that blew me away. For me, the stand out gig, without a shadow of a doubt was The Prodigy closing the festival in a very grand finale party. Holy Mackerel those guys have still got ‘it’ in abundance. They absolutely tore the forest stage to shreds.

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Photography: Richard Johnson – Jamie Jones & Martinez Brothers

The atmosphere was charged, the energy was electric and the crowd were going insane in their membranes. The fact that the weather took a turn for the worse towards the end made no difference. The rain couldn’t dampen the mood it only added fuel to the fire. When a festival exceeds all your expectations, the amount of fun you encounter is off the richter scale and you are asked “would you go again?” The answer is of course a whopping big, fat ‘Ja!’ Snowbombing is the gift that keeps on giving.



Jane:  I  am 100% going back! I can’t quite believe it’s over!
Snowbombing gave me a fantastic time! The atmosphere, the people and music were unlike anything else. Also the production of the festival and shows was spectacular, everything was easily contained, available and dazzling!
Every act was on top form! My favourites were Shy Fx and Hannah Wants! They made my nights!


The scenery was absolutely stunning and breath taking which was a great comparison to the debaucheries behaviour occurring in the settlements deep in the mountain!
Cannot be missed! The best dance music festival I have ever encountered and I’ve been to almost all of them, ahah!


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