Everything You Need to Know About Flora Cash’s New Album, “Baby Its Okay”.

Rarely do we see a married couple in music; as it’s hard to think of one in recent times. With tracks such as “You’re Somebody Else” amassing over 200M streams worldwide, it has became the highest Shazam’d alternative record of 2019. Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj, who form FloraCash are one of the most intriguing double acts in music today. Their new album “Baby It’s, Okay” is an infusion of so many different elements of music and it is apparent with the song collection.

“Born in the Slumber” – This track leads off the album with a solemn tale of destitution and difficulty, as Shpresa paints a picture of the dire health care situation for those less fortunate. The production drags you into this harsh reality with its stark tones and moody melodic underpinnings.

“You Love Me” – Starts off in a telling fashion with Cole Randall hauntingly expressing the ecstatic feelings of love, joy and happiness that Shpresa evokes from him. The construction of this track beautifully enhances his soulful utterings with its sparse piano and drum outbursts. When Shpresa comes into the picture on the second verse in an electric fashion making magic happen as she adds her sultry meditative vocals that answers Cole’s love letter vocals in the most emphatic way. This just feels big!

“Electricity” – Transports you into the 80’s with its electronic nostalgic mystique. Once the bass line kick in within the first seconds of the tune it brings the electricity to table as it elevates Shpresa’s earthy, unique delivery. This one will have you grooving without realising as it recreates that sublime moment in time when you first realised there was a thing called music. Blindingly good!

‘Honey Go Home’ – This has that contemplative vibe with sentimental piano cries throughout. Shpresa and Cole go back to back trading verses about their near misses. They use irony in the most creative way to illuminate the steep learning curve of relationships where love got lost somewhere along the way.

“I Wasted You” – Draped in pain and heartache as the singers recollect on past loves. They vocally rid their demons of the wasted relationships that they both experienced. It’s a throwback power ballad that feels like it could easily be found in the mid to late 90’s. It’s the uniqueness of both artists that gives us that modern feel, if you’ve been through this you feel like your healing whilst hearing.

“Missing You” – Starts off carrying so much emotion that you’re instantly taking the weight of the vocals on your shoulders. Its narrative is box office as both singer’s trade stories of big city dreaming and all the things you leave behind to chase your dreams. The invention in the production is like a shot of adrenalin when combined with Cole’s commanding vocal descriptions. You definitely feel like you’ve just heard something quite remarkable.

“In a Little Bubble” – Shpresa takes this song by the scuff of the neck, as she expresses the love she’s found to be so deep, that it creates a protective little bubble. The creativity that’s gone into crafting this track is evident, as the vocals sit so tightly and snug within the musical landscape. It’s atmospheric and warming and it just makes you want to curl up by log fire in the great outdoors with your significant other with nothing but love and your favourite beverage.

“Still Alive” – Begins with a spellbinding piano riff intro as Cole kicks off the verse talking that real talk as he sings “Trying to numb the pain, drinking every day, smoke another strain…” The theme of this track is survival, as the singer’s dives deeper into the murkiness of depression and tell us emphatically to keep on fighting. The production is gritty and tense; feeding the artists inspiration and to tell a hard but honest story of taking despair head on.

“They Own This Town” – As heavy in its subject matter, the singers go deep with their references to the harsh financial climate that’s faced by many. It’s refreshing to hear artists speaking truth to power about the stark realities of inequality. A moving production that is dominated by a haunting piano back drop makes this arguably the most heartfelt track on the album.

“For A While” – Stunningly poetic with Shpresa singing at her most soulful and over-educated piano loop, that helps carry her unequivocal heart throughout. It’s a stirring account of the beautiful things that Cole has provoked within her.

“Your Somebody Else” – This is Cole’s response to previous track as he imaginatively describes how he can see the deeper person that resides within Shpresa. It’s the story of two souls connecting on a level that very few do. It sends chills down your spine as he lovingly croons about seeing deep into her soul and seeing her future self. A sparse backdrop with minimal instrumentation allows Cole to go deep on this one. 

“Love Is In The Small Things” – It’s been said many times that the best things in life are free. In this album closer, we are treated to some beautiful little vignettes about what love really is. The singers take us through their first date at a budget restaurant that turned may well have been an expensive one because of the love they shared. We get a snap shot of their first kiss and it’s just magic as they illustrate the beauty of the small things that we can sometimes take for granted. It’s a beautiful way to finish up!

This is a triumph of an album that has so many elements and is deeply honest and poignant with its delivery throughout.