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Double Dutchess marks over 10 years since the release of Fergie’s debut Dutchess. At 42 most people would be expecting some sort of decline but actually it’s the exact opposite as her creative Juices have been over flowing. From the colourful deliciously carnal M.I.L.F.$ which has eye catching guest cameos from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ciara to an extra spicy You Already Know which features a rejuvenated Nicki Minaj.


Hungry contains an impressively slimmed down Rick Ross who adds much weight and a gutter like pizazz to the trajectory of the song. Fergie, is in full rap mode as she really shows she’s got her own style and pattern to her rhymes that may make hip hop connoisseurs have a second glance when they come to think about female hip hop splitters. Although Ross’s presence is felt. His rhymes lack the necessary urgent intent that this track deserved. Ultimately leaving you more impressed with his weight loss than his verse.

The video definitely captures the new found hunger she raps about as a myriad of signs and symbols are used to suggest that this moment really matter to her. The beat bangs into your drum and is accompanied by haunting eerie undertone choir like procession that reminds you of something from a chilling horror flick. The black & white back drop reminds you what a beautiful woman Fergie is and reminds us that the best is yet to come.

Double Dutchess is out now at all expected online vendors.

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