Giggs – “Landlord” Album preview / snippets from Westwood interview

The Godfather of UK hip-hop radio, Tim Westwood, recently carried out a Cribz session Interview with South London rapper Giggs. It was a no holds barred interview seasoned with the finest dank offered up by Tim.

The interview was perfectly timed to coincide with the release of Giggs latest musical offering – 5th August, aptly titled “Landlord”. The date relevance is owed to Giggs first album “Walk in The Park” which was released in August 2008.

The name was inspired from a tweet received from Swift from the Section Boyz, he referred to Giggs as the Landlord and it just resonated so much that it became the album name. Now that’s some cool shit!!

The album will feature Giggs free from any label constrictions and given absolute free reign to put his own imprint on the game. It will include the likes of: Stormzy, Dubz, Donae’o, Aystar, Youngs Teflon and others.

Its UK heavy in terms of production with usual suspects Boom Productions featuring mostly. As mentioned earlier this will be Giggs honing in on his street upbringing and reflecting on his Journey ups and down and all.

Westwood gave Giggs props for his overall stage presence and his abilty to drop banger after banger. Hollow Man reflected on his recent Love Box festival appearance, he spoke of looking into the crowd and seeing a sea of people from everywhere who understood his story. What a moment for any artist to see and feel.

Giggs spoke of the relative infancy of the UK rap scene and how much it’s grown with all different opportunities that it’s given the youth. He feels that it’s not only the music that given people a chance but different types of merchandise that’s given people a creative outlet.

giggs 9

Coming from the streets Giggs knows all too well about working hard to change circumstances. He’s had to overcome an industry character assassination. Not to mention the Metropolitan Police trying to shut down every show in the early days of his career.

When asked by Westwood if he feels like he’s the father of the new wave artists. Giggs answered in a modest way showing much humility explaining that all he wanted to do was be able to show the youths that there is another road to take.

Giggs has form with his street legend status as he’s always looking to work with young relatively unknown artists. He has always put his town Peckham on his back and repped it to the fullest in return he’s received unadulterated adulation from the masses.

Giggs does not go missing when it comes to giving respect to the artists who came before him. Giving credit to the likes of Wiley, Dizzy and So Solid to a degree. A true gangster and a gentlemen indeed.

The landlord talks with a relaxed demeanour and seems to be grinning from ear to ear constantly and why not he is after all living the dream after all.

“Landlord” out now I’m sitting with it for a few days . . . Review soon come!!





Adrian Richard

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