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Kanye West’s Controversial Lyrical Discourse

After a two year hiatus, Kanye West has recently caused a wave of political controversy, and seems to be milking it, in what could be one of his most strategic marketing tactics to promote his upcoming new albums. Twitter exploded after ‘those’ Trump related tweets Kanye casually posted, and has since released two tracks in relation to his statements.

Through his website, West released the track ‘Lift Yourself’ which sampled the 1973 song ‘Liberty’ which is initially based on positivity. Although in Kanye’s track, he seems repeatedly speak words of no meaning ‘Poopy-di scoop Scoop-diddy-whoop’  bringing ‘closure’ to media presenter Ebro, Kanye tweeted.


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The second song titled ‘ye vs the people’ has more of a charged concept and is the one everyone is talking about. The song takes form of a politically fuelled discussion between Kanye and rapper friend T.I. As T.I. raps the words ‘the people’ are all thinking in regard to Kanye’s statements, Kanye goes on to defend his ideas and, although being accused of going against the people, he points out that he is certainly with the people, only trying to show them a new viewpoint.

Stand-out lines include:

‘Lot of people agree with me, but they’re too scared to speak up’ and ‘Is it better if I rap about crack? Huh? ‘Cause it’s cultural?’

and the discussion turned rap ends in:

‘we could be rappin’ about this all day, man, why don’t we just cut the beat off and let the people talk?’

Ultimately a hot topic, people say Kanye’s support for Donald Trump is a publicity stunt, a reason for capitalization, or that Kanye has simply lost his mind.distract tv kanye west twitter trump controversial

What do you make of Kanye’s controversial discourse? Listen to the tracks via www.kanyewest.com and comment below!


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