Leska are Paris based electro-pop duo  producers Les Gordon (Kitsuné) and Douchka.  Leska is above all things a lab where the two bros like to experiment with freedom, following their instincts without setting any borders to their universe. They’re always humbly looking at a great and beautiful ambition: to renovate the word Pop, stretching its lines and shades and imagining new ways to define it. We meet the guys for a quick 1 on 1

Q.So to KICK it all off who is are ‘Leska’? in three words only


Q.Who did you grow up listening to and what are you listening to right now?

We grew up listening to very different musical genders. It was going from mainstream rock to classical with a meeting point around the new generation of French electronic producers that came up with labels such as Ed Banger, Kitsuné or Institubes that doesn’t exist anymore. We always kept this very diversified influences and we still do it today when we compose. We volontarly mix up the hints so nobody can really puts us or our music in a box. This mentality helped us to create very different tracks, doing some mainstream tracks like « One and Only », but also some unclassifiable tracks such as « Full Cathedral ».


So making a list right know wouldnt’ make much sens since it would be a different one next week.

Q. If you could work with any other Producer/ Rapper/ Singer on a record who would it be and why?

We are huge fans of what Modselektor or Gorillaz, these are bands thate live through their collaborations and it really works because of the connection between the titles. For rappers and singers, it relies on the feeling we have regarding its music. Getting THE singer or rapper of the moment doesn’t guarantee a nice result at all. For us it is mostly about the meeting with other people even if it sounds a bit cliché for most people from the music industry that don’t give a crap about those arguments.


Q. Are you political at all or are you all about the music?

All about the music.

Q. Tell us about the track ‘Curious’, how did it come about?

We already had the music video in mind before starting to write the song, and the script from the music video lead us in the way we made the track. We used sounds of rolling skateboards to create the rhythm basis of Curious for example. After that, José R. Fontao (Stuck In The Sound) wrote the lyrics, it was really cool for us to work with a rock singer, something quite rare for electronic music.

Q. We have a few easy questions for you now- Pick two Celebrities to be your parents- Who?

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn & MIA


Q. Rate yourself(s) on a scale of 1-10?

Jokes on tour : 10/10 / Alcohol tolerance : 5/10 / dress style : 0/10

Q. Whats your go too emoji?


Q. Who is your style icon?

Much love for Emma Watson <3

Q. If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you like to see play the lead role as you?

Tribute to Spinal Tap : Michael MckeanChristopher Guest


Christopher Guest

Q.If You could trade places with another person for a week- famous or non famous/living or dead / real or fictional who would it be?

Damn, absolutely no idea sorry 🙁

Q.Any gigs/events planned for this / next year?

Mostly French gigs for the moment, we’re playing the festival « Le Jardin du Michel » in Nancy, followed by the Sakifo Festival at La Réunion, and have a big rendez-vous on July 21st for Les Vieilles Charrues Festival in Brittany.


Q. Where can we find you (YouTube/insta/ Sound cloud etc.)?

Facebook :

Instagram :

Twitter :

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Soundcloud :

Bandcamp :

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