Meet Roc Nation’s New Singer, Rapper GASHI

Fresh New York artist GASHI has just dropped brand new single ‘Creep On Me’ Feat. French Montana and DJ Snake.  He’s  already been busy making waves throughout Europe on a run of summer festivals.  We caught up for him for a quick 1 on 1 session!
1.     So Gashi describe your sound to us in three words only
The Trap Bono
2.     Tell us about the concept behind the song ‘Creep On Me’ Feat. French Montana and DJ Snake?
Ever since I moved to LA I’ve hooked up with all these celebrities who act like they dont know me when I see them with their friends

3.     Everyone has their one favourite genre of music- what’s yours and why?
I dont have just one I’m a fan of all music in general and thats reflected in the music I make
4.   How would you describe your UK fanbase?
I LOVE THEM . One of my strongest fanbases
5.  Who would we find on your Spotify-Who are you currently listening to?
6.  Who do you take inspiration from when making music?
Kid Cudi, Kanye West Cheb Khalid Johnny Cash and Future
7. Could you give three words to describe your Style?
The Trap Bono
8. Who would you say was your style inspiration? Do you have one?
When it comes to style im influcenced by Kanye West,  Tyler the Creator, Marvin Gaye and ASAP Rocky
Tyler The Creator
9.  Where’s been your favourite place to play live/ tour and why?
London is one of my favorite places but besides UK its been Switzerland because they always know every word to every song
10. If you could collaborate with any artist out there (dead or alive) who would it be?
Micheal Jackson, Tupac, Tears for Fears and Lil Peep..
11. What’s next for you – new music, tours etc?
Dropping my album Stairs2 and coming back to Europe this fall..
12. Finally Where can we find you? (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc)
Hit me on instagram:
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