Quillattire on the Runways @LFW2017 #YourApprovalIsNotNeeded

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How did Quillattire come about?

I was always told from a young age I was not good enough to be a designer nor did I look the part, I was an under confident tomboy. I was put down quite a lot growing up, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could be a designer and break all these biased and negative comments. I also wanted to make my parents proud of me coming from an Indian background, and not going down the normal career path of being an Accountant, Doctor, IT, Dentist etc. I decided I needed to do something creative even for free so I started to style part time helping a friend who was a videographer I did this alongside a full time job, I used to work till the early hours to juggle everything and in the end after hustling and trying my hardest to land a designer job- I had done it, I believed in myself and had become a designer! After years of working in the fashion industry and designing for different brands I felt an urge to give back and create a brand where I could be myself and express freedom in the language of clothing.


What inspires you as a designer?

Working in the industry you do meet some characters and appearance is everything, i have never allowed myself to succumb to this pressure and always dressed in my scruffy kicks and tomboy style even before it started trending! I get inspired by freedom to be and dress how you want to, spread the message of self-belief and unity of the world through my designs.


Do you have a Muse you wish you could see wearing your designs?

I enjoy seeing all my customers wear my product and be confident and happy, my ultimate muses would be Pharrell Williams, Rihanna or A$ap Rocky 🙂


One of the biggest hurdles for new designers is understanding the business element of fashion and how to make the brand profitable, how did you learn to do this?

I am continuously learning new things everyday, finding myself in different situations that I need to overcome; I fortunately have the support of The Princes Trust who offer regular seminars where you can learn about different areas of business. I believe I will never know everything and I will continue to keep learning.

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What has been most challenging for you within the fashion industry?

Being a one man band, its hard work doing everything from admin to designing to marketing but on the upside I am learning heaps and applying everything to my brand.


What advice would you give to designers who are coming out of school and aspire to do what you are doing?

Believe in yourself and your dreams, never give up as nothing worth having is going to be easy.

Who is Quillattire man/woman?

Both, the brands new collection is unisex

What is your brand moto? 

I am who I am. Your approval is not needed.


Where can we purchase Quillattire? 












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