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The fans of TLC  will be rubbing their hands with glee with news of a comeback album in the offing.

Now a duo after the untimely death of  ‘Left Eye’ aka Lisa Lopes in 2002. They announced recently that their hoping to release a fifth and final album.

The Kickstarter campaign is the way which Tionne Watkins ”T-Boz” and Rozonda Thomas “Chilli” have engaged with fans to help them come up with the sum of $150,000 to get there project off the ground.

Watkins expanded on this “We want to do an album, but we want to do it on our own,” “Through Kickstarter, with your pledges, we can make that a possibility. There’s no better way than to do this with our fans since they made all of this possible anyway.”

“You guys will be financing our final TLC album,” Thomas added. “How cool is that?”

TLC want to use the creative sources who brought much success in the past. They’ll be calling on the likes of Kandi Burruss who currently is starring in the reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta to help bring it all together.

TLC know that the major label route can offer you a multi million deal but it will not give you the create control, which at this stage of their  careers is priceless. 

We can now reveal TLC have managed to exceed there goal  and to date have raised over $200,000 through their loyal fan base and Katy perry who donated $5,000.  Now all awaits is the new album.


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