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Aaliyah was an R’n’B vocal example that lead to generations worth of powerful voices. She lead a life of fashion, freedom, and passion. Part of who she became relied on the company that surrounded her. Aaliyah was very much a loyal superstar who kept true to who she believed she was, never changing for a strongly manipulative industry.

Retrospectively, Aaliyah was a legend of her time, speaking her truth and never holding back. She set the standard for artists of today, including SZA, H.E.R, and Rihanna. Aaliyah was the quintessential urban star that took over the fashion industry, as well as R ‘n’ B.

Counting down Distract’s TOP 5 favourite Aaliyah tracks, we hone in on why we feel these were her top music moments.

Coming in at number 5 is ‘More Than A Woman’. The sharp snares and groovy beats sum up the new sound and new era that Aaliyah was going to progress into. Produced by Timbaland, More Than A Woman was a song that everyone knew and still to this day would be able to sing along to. The soft harmonies during the song’s chorus and verses make up some the songs best harmonies. Also, Distract are a fan of the extended metaphor carried out in the songs music video if you know what we mean.


Respectfully at number 4 is ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’. The laid-back tune is a great example of Aaliyah’s finest work, taking the lead with her vocal capabilities. Also produced by Timbaland, this track was full of surprises, elements of the song were added and taken away throughout giving Aaliyah and her performance a catchy edge.


At number 3 it has to be ‘We Need A Resolution’. The haunting yet upbeat hip-hop infused beat was again produced by producer Timbaland and also features him so that we get to hear viewpoints of both sides. The song represents the back and forth anger and confusion between two lovers, and the lyrics do a great job of representing just that.


In at number 2 is the final completed music video that Aaliyah ever did, before her fatal death. ‘Rock The Boat’ was shot in the Bahamas and resulted in a beautiful homage to Aaliyah and her presence. Rock The Boat is a sensual dancehall type beat and is sure to get anyone feeling some kind of way.


Distract’s number 1 Aaliyah tune has to be the one and only… ‘One In A Million’. Taking the name of her second studio album in 1996, One In A Million was a playful and seductive play on Aaliyah’s character. Produced by none other than Timbaland, who we have gathered worked a lot alongside Aaliyah. The R’n’B music scene gained a new trio during that era, Aaliyah, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot worked together on a number of projects, and Missy Elliot also features on our number one track. Elements of nature contribute to the tracks chilled vibes, and hard beats, similar to that of ‘I Miss You’, the tribute single to the late Aaliyah.


Aaliyah was an all-around icon, she could sing, dance, and was a great presence to be around. Her music lives on carried through generations of R’n’B lovers, and it goes without saying that Aaliyah paved the way for female R’n’B stars that live on today

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