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Distract meet American born electronic music producer and DJ Seth Troxler at Amsterdam Dance Event.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Seth was introduced to the DJ game at the age of 16, following in the footsteps of iconic figures such as Detroit’s ‘Belleville Three’ — Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May — and becoming known through gigs at Detroit clubs such as The Works.

After years of crafting his trade in Motor City, he flew the nest, spreading his wings to innovative venues such as DC10, Panorama Bar, Watergate and Fabric as well as taking the Visionquest collective around the world among releases including ‘Aphrika’ and the Art Department collaboration ‘Living The Life’ on Wolf + Lamb Music and Crosstown Rebels.


Go Between The Beats with: Seth Troxler #HOTPICK


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