DJ High Def’s Electrifying Summer: Lights, Camera, and Pure Star Power

DJ High Def is known for his incredible energy and captivating performances while dominating the biggest and best clubs in New Jersey where celebrities, reality TV stars, and professional athletes want to see more of him. With an exciting schedule lined up, he promises a summer to remember for all party-goers.

“I’m thrilled to be performing at Jenks Club all summer long on Friday and Saturday nights,” DJ High Def shared. “I’ll also be at Harrah’s Pool Daylife Party on a couple of Saturdays throughout the summer, and Wicked Wolf in Hoboken on Sunday days. It’s a great summer schedule at the biggest venues in NJ.”

Preparation for these performances is intense. “I love every minute of it,” he said. “I download new music every week, set my cue points, and loops, and constantly listen to the music to know the right times to mix. I watch YouTube all the time to find new tricks to make my sets original.”DJ High Def is also working on new mixes and tracks. “I’m putting a lot of time into my summer 2024 mix. I want to make it perfect for everyone to enjoy,” he revealed. “I’m also teaming up with an award-winning DJ to put out a couple of new mashups and songs. The hope is that these new songs will be out before the end of the summer.”

Listeners of Power 98.5 Satellite Radio and Indie 101.5 FM can expect fresh, new music and great vibes from his upcoming radio mixes. “I love making mixes for everyone to enjoy and get down to,” he said. Choosing the right tracks and themes for his mixes comes naturally to him. “By working at the best clubs in NJ, I get to see and feel the music people LOVE. I base my song selections on the people,” DJ High Def explained.

His biggest musical influence? James Hype. “He makes me think a lot more as a DJ. The thought process that goes into his sets is out of this world. Just watching him motivates me to be a better DJ,” he said.DJ High Def’s career is filled with memorable moments, but he treasures each night he performs. “Every night I DJ is the most memorable. Seeing people dance, move, and throw their hands up gives me goosebumps every time. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you made people’s night great.”

Despite the demands of his career, DJ High Def remains creatively inspired. “Watching other DJs destroy their sets keeps me motivated. Music is my life, and I get inspired by all music,” he said.

Overcoming challenges has been a part of his journey. “In the middle of my DJ career, I was just DJing at local bars and private parties. I had very little confidence in my abilities at that time,” he confessed. “One day, I decided to go for it and walked into Jenkinsons, the biggest beach party in NJ, and spoke to them about working together. Now, I’ve been at Jenks and every big club in NJ.”

Looking ahead, DJ High Def sees himself traveling and DJing all over the United States and beyond. “The vibe and entertainment I bring is second to none. It’s always a great night and an awesome journey I bring everyone on,” he said.

His ultimate goal? “I hope when it’s all said and done, people can say I made them smile and gave them some of the best nights of their lives. DJ High Def was an entertainer who loved everyone and just wanted everyone to have a great night,” he concluded.