Emerging Singer/ Songwriter Joell on experimental RnB and mates Young Fathers

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Joell is a modern singer, songwriter and music producer emerging from Scotland.
Hes  good friends with Young Fathers, and combines  dark, melodic sounds, bass driven, 808 drum patterns and savvy metaphorical lyrics.
We meet the guy behind the music for a quick 1 on 1 chat.
Q.So to KICK it all off who is ’Joell’’? in three words only
Q. Tell us about your track ‘Liquor’?
  • Liquor is the first finished track i ever made in the studio a year ago with my guy ‘Mydas’. We were messing about and ended up dancing to it for hours knowing we had a hit out of nothing. Its given me the motivation to take music serious and i’ve never looked back since.
Q.Who did you grow up listening to and what are you listening to right now?
 – I was loud and fearless as a child. Anything to get me moving from 50 cent, michael jackson, limp bizkit, so solid crew, pac and biggie. My first album i ever got was Dr Dre’s 2001.
Right now, Sampha, Frank Ocean, 6lack, a lot of Toronto artists. I look forward to Travis Scotts new album. Rip X and Smoke Dawg.
Q. You have been described at Distract HQ as the male ‘Aaliyah’,- would you agree with this?
  • Big thanks but i have to disagree. Aaliyah is one of the greats of RnB and definitely left her mark on todays music all over. I’ve got a long way to go to fill those boots. I appreciate the love from Distract though.
Q.What can we expect from you this summer will you be touring?
  • I don’t give anything away but summer 2018 is looking real good.
Q. We heard that you are close friends with Young Fathers -did they have any words of wisdom for you?
  • They are amazing guys who make real music. Ive seen where they started at the very beginning to where they are now and how far they’ve come. Its nice to have great artists from your home town who’ve been through it and can relate too. But the best advice they give is “just do it, theres no secrets”.

Q. We have a few easy questions for you now- Pick two Celebrities to be your parents- Who?
  Diddy – Not for the money. Just go listen to his everyday motivational quotes  
  • Nigella Lawson – for the cakes and bakes or Jennifer Lawerence because she’s cool as f***
Q. If you had to work with either ‘Kyle Jenner’ or the ‘Kim Kardashian’ on a record who would it be and why?
  • Kim, i’m sure she dropped a single at some point so I’m taking her for the experience. She might even get Ye on it.
Q. Rate yourself(s) on a scale of 1-10?
  • I leave that to people interested in me or what i do, but a 12 for the work i put in behind the scenes
Q. Red or Orange ( this is not a trick question…)
  • Red for the colour, Orange for the outfit
Q. Who is your style icon?
  • originality is key but ASAP Mob are always dressed to impress

Q. If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you like to see play the lead role as you?
Q.If You could trade places with another person for a week- famous or non famous/living or dead / real or fictional who would it be?
Saint West, Just to chill with Ye

Q. Finally where can we find you online- Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat?
Website –  
Insta – Joell._
Twitter – Joellxx_
Youtube – Can’tSaveEveryone
Soundcloud – Joellxx
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