Black Saint talk collaborating with Flo Rida and 15 million spotify streams


So we’ve known about Black Saint for a while now so we thought it was time to share them with you!

Black Saint are London based dance/electro hip hop trio,  with an unapologetically unique sound. We chat to the guys about  collaborating with Flo Rida, Kylie Jenner and RAKING up 15 million Spotify streams

The name Black Saint alone might not mean much to you but I’m guessing electro/house smash ‘Could You Love Me’ will defiantly ring a bell.

These guys are all about triply house beats, vocals, and lets not forget are big fans of R&B legend Aaliyah and of course Kendal Jenner (sort of..). Put it this way they already have interest from US Rapper Flo Rida so they must be doing something right!

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