Meet Steven Cuoco: Award-Winning Public Relations Expert Discusses Actors’ Strikes, Entertainment, Sports and the Industry’s Future

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Meet Steven Cuoco, the esteemed Founder and CEO of United Angels Dream and a distinguished, award-winning public relations expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of public relations and brand management. In this exclusive interview, we delve into intriguing discussions covering the Entertainment and sports industries. Additionally, we gain invaluable insights into the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes and his vision for the future of the entertainment industry.

1. In three words, who is Steven Cuoco?

The three words that describe me best are honourable, transparent, and passionate.

2. Tell us a bit about you. How did you get into the PR industry?

At a young age, I came to a profound realisation that proper representation for most people was sorely lacking in the fashion industry, sports, and entertainment. I personally experienced vulnerabilities and witnessed cracks in these fields, prompting me to take a significant step back from modelling and acting. My decision was driven by a strong desire to become the kind of representative I wished to see for others in the industry.   

3. What is your favourite film of all time? 

My favourite film is Goonies.  My mom had taken a small group of us out for my birthday to the local theatre in Washington, New Jersey to see it.  I have to add that The Christmas Story is also my favourite.  I know you asked for one, and I could not leave the second one out.  

4. Tell us your favourite thing about working in public relations

Honestly.  Being the kind of publicist that’s going to be an ally you deserve to succeed in everything you want to accomplish.  Most people relate to believing that public relations is all about media placement and that is far from the truth.  Don’t be scammed by people who are marketing and advertising con artists portraying themselves as publicists.  They have no education or the skills to know what public relations truly means.  When you want to know the truth about how a person should be represented professionally; contact me.  If you want to become the next Kim Kardashian; go ahead and buy your way into the industry and hire someone who does paid media and marketing.  No disrespect to Kim. Some people have unrealistic expectations.   

5. What do you find most challenging about working in public relations?

People who believe that success, power, fame, and wealth should be handed to them.  Buy baby wipes to clean your bum.  You’ll get better results from that than trying to be something you are not and buying your way to the top when realistically you will fall down much faster.

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify?

I like this question. There isn’t anything embarrassing about the sort of music I listen to. I enjoy listening to Nirvana, Lil Peep, Post Malone, and Frank Sinatra to name a few. 

7. What do the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strikes mean for the future of the Film industry?
I am all about people being treated fairly and compensated accordingly. There are a lot of old people in the industry who need to retire. Their belief systems are outdated. It’s trying to ask the Devil to turn Hell into Heaven. I believe there will be repercussions eventually for the actors who are protesting and I believe the people who have a God complex and want to possess and control others in the industry will retaliate one way or another, whether it be privately or openly. Honestly. I foresee this getting worse before it gets better. You may not read or hear about it in the news. Most of the media are controlled by profit and gain. Believe in what you read for the most part on the labels of the products you buy in stores.

When it comes to media; their fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders, investors, and most importantly to their advertisers. Media companies believe that the public needs to know only the information that is given to them, not what is the actual truth. Honestly, when most people pull their heads out of their asses and stop living in a fairy tale world of what they believe their life should be and begin to live a more realistic aspect of reality, things will change.    

8. You have a huge interest in sports, when did that begin?
It has always been there.  People who are athletes and professional fighters are not a real estate commodity. They are not just a bet on your card.  They are human beings who have real stories to tell and if it wasn’t for them, those who make bank on them would be bankrupt and without the luxuries they have from those who put their lives at risk every day when they go on a field and those who step into a ring or octagon.

9. What hidden talent(s) do you have?

Hire me and you will find out. I will not give away all of my secrets.   

10. Describe your style to us?

My style is simple, classy, sporty, and elegant. It depends on the mood and the occasion. Invite me somewhere and you will find out.

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