Fabian Secon drop and producer 5ive Beatz drop ‘Until We Meet Again’  

Fast-rising UK singer Fabian Secon and producer 5ive Beatz have announced their forthcoming joint EP, Until We Meet Again, set to be released today!

Fabian Secon is Brixton born, South Londoner known now for his fluid freestyle raps and natural humming bird vocals.  Moving between his home in London and New York, the teenager quickly developed a style that reflected cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.

SKEPTASection Boyz☝🏾 AND Wiz Khalifa are just a few of Fabiens key influencers

5ive Beatz one of the producers who featured heavily on North London rapper Nines well received album ‘One Foot Out.’ He produced the ‘Intro ‘Trapper Of The Year’ ‘Getting Money Now’ and ‘I Wonder.’

After the two met in 2016 they’ve had an instant chemistry. The result is this fusion of R&B, pop rock and trap elements to create a fresh, progressive new sound.

The four-track EP is highly emotive and tells the story of a turbulent and troubled relationship, so there are dark emotions that run throughout the project.

We bring you the track by track breakdown ⭐️⭐️⭐️


‘Wilderness’ is a dark unconventional R&B track that tells the story of banished love that’s been lost between the couple.

The song best illustrates the levels of destruction that’s been occurred and emphasises the fact that there is no going back after a relationship has been burnt to ashes. Secons painful whispy vocals are displayed as he pines Isolated in this place/love you had has gone to hate/your telling me to walk alone/screaming I’m so far from home.” These lines enforce the desolate 5ive Beats production that has you feeling the wilderness the song describes.


A haunting piano segment chills the bones at the  intro of ‘Rockstar’. The overall 5ive beats production is delicately entrenched in melancholy. It’s moody subsections work perfectly for Secon to interject with his heartfelt delivery in which he captures the loneliness of not having that significant other whilst living the glamorous lifestyle. He sings “I party LA/you don’t even blink/baby girl why don’t you cry/ am I not your fantasy. The fact she just doesn’t care anymore builds on this tearjerker and captures the loneliness throughout ‘Rockstar’.

Wasted Days:

A Brooding 808 offset by thought provoking instrumentation sets the tone for ‘Wasted Days’. This song depicts the realisation you have when you realise that the you’ve been making the mistakes running around chasing things (women) who aren’t as significant as the one that has your heart. Secon’s delivery of the chorus in particular in this song is urgent and full of repentance is the standout out moment on this beautifully honest track as he sings “I know I took it too far/can we start it over/your the one who held me down.” It’s a poignant tale of lost love and regret. The power of this track is reinforced by  5ive beats impressive blend of melodies that carries on right through to the climax of this track.

Crashing Waves:

our minds have parted / your soul is calling/ caught in your games / running your maze. Secon’s first few lines on ‘Crashing Waves’ illustrates the contradictions of the difficulty he’s facing in navigating a relationship that’s come to premature demise. The song is triumphant yet terribly sad recollection of the last embrace between lovers before they go there separate ways. This song is perhaps the most impactful in terms of the emotional depth and the layered vocals that Secon weaves.

5ive Beats & Fabian Secon appear to have an innate creative understanding. They compliment each other quite beautifully on this project.

Fabian has also had support from Capital FM and Capital XTRA with “Gold Plated”, whilst last single—the self-penned and produced “Lust”—was featured on popular Spotify-curated playlists Slow Jamz and Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji. Upcoming collaborations with the likes of AJ TraceyC BizTayá, Geovarn and Young T & Bugsey will only further solidify Fabian’s place at the forefront of the UK’s urban music scene.

Meanwhile, in-demand producer 5ive Beatz, Link Up TV’s recent #ProducerOfTheMonth, has seen his career skyrocket with multiple production credits on rapper Nines’ UK top 5 album One Foot Out, such as “Trapper of the Year”, as well as productions for BBC Sound Of 2017 winner Ray BLKKrept & KonanStormzyP Money67, Abra Cadabra and more.

This collaboration feels real and the music is impactful and highly emotive. I look forward to what is coming next.

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