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Get To Know: Iris Gold – The Modern Hip Hop Hippie

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We meet with hippie singer Iris Gold for a fun Q&A as she welcomes us into her world of ’hippie hop’ – a colourful fusion of retro hip-hop & soul-pop, with a generous sprinkle of flower power. Read on for all you really need to know:

Who is Iris Gold? (In three words)
Hip-Hop hippy singer

Why the name ‘Iris Gold’?
Because i am the goddess of the golden rainbows

A little birdie tells us you grew up in hippy communes and squats, what was your experience? and how has that shaped who you are today?
I grew up around a lot of free thinking creatives and that definitely inspired me to just always try and be myself and to believe that the things others may think are strange about me, are the things that make me special.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Your music has been described as ‘Hippie Hop’ talk us through that…Yeah it’s a mixture of psychedelic 60’s/70’s flower power vibes, mixed with Hip-Hop. All I really know is Wu-Tang in Vegas though, so a little more fancy.
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Name one of your favourite Old skl Hip-Hop artist’s and one current:
Ol dirty bastard and Kendrick Lamar

Your new song ‘All I Really Know’ is out, what’s it about?
It’s my Rocky balboa track, about picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after failing and trying; try again. Keep on going.


What motto do you live by?
The things that make you strange are what make you unique


Briefly tell us about a social issue close to your heart?
Well equal rights for gay people. Love is the same for everyone. We can’t choose who we love but we can choose to be respectful and kind to each other.

You’ve shared stages with acts such as Blur, Taylor Swift, Miguel and Raury, who would you love to sing live with if given the chance (dead or alive)?
Prince would have been amazing! But I also think Andre 3000 would be dope!andre 3000 distract tv


Who’s your style icon?
My Jamaican grandma. She used to be a seamstress. You should see her in church on a Sunday styling on everybody!

Get To Know-irisGold - The Modern Hip Hop Hippie_Distract TV Q and A_

What’s next for Iris Gold?
My video for All I Really Know is out soon. I have a tour next year and some pretty amazing festivals confirmed, such as Roskilde and by:Larm. My next single out early next year.

Lastly, where can we find you online?
Insta and twitter: @irisgoldmusic
Facebook: iris goldmusic

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