Wrenches to Runways: Dimitrios Theodoridis’ Journey from Mechanic to Fashion Influencer

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Dimitrios Theodoridis, once a mechanic, has firmly established himself in the fashion world. At just 27 years old, he gave up his job to pursue his dream and is now a sought-after influencer earning his living via Instagram. His breakthrough came when he shot his first film commercial for Rolex, opening doors to work with renowned brands from England and Spain.

“It was a hard road, but I worked hard for it,” says Dimitrios proudly. “I grew up in Germany, but my Greek roots have always driven me to follow my dreams.” With an ever-growing portfolio and upcoming television appearances, Dimitrios aims to emigrate to Los Angeles and further his career.

“My job as a mechanic didn’t fulfil me. It was very monotonous, so I couldn’t live out my creative streak,” Dimitrios recalls. Even as a teenager, he was captivated by the allure of the fashion industry. “The fashion world was very appealing to me even as a teenager.”

From a young age, Dimitrios found himself drawn to the commercials of well-known brands. “I’ve always followed the commercials with great interest, so I was able to put myself in one scene or another even at a young age,” he explains. These dreams persisted even during his time as a mechanic. “It was a mind game, but dreaming is allowed. It took courage, and my thought was ‘either now or never!'”

Every beginning is challenging, and Dimitrios’s journey was no exception. He started by setting his profile to private and seeking feedback from friends. “I asked myself how best to get started. This gave me the courage to show several facets of myself,” he says. Encouragement from his friends spurred him to take the plunge into the public eye.

“Definitely the temperament!” Dimitrios says with a laugh. “We of Greek descent are known for this. That helped me a lot.” His fiery passion and determination were crucial as he built his brand from scratch. “When you build something from zero, you need a lot of patience until you see the fruits. As a temperamental person, I had to learn to be patient. I got to know a new side of myself.”

“It’s a very tricky issue with balance. You need the right people around you,” Dimitrios notes. “That makes you feel the peace and strength that you can achieve a lot through precise structuring.”

Stefano Paratore has been a significant influence on Dimitrios’s professional and personal success. “He is my mentor, photographer, videographer, and a very good friend to me, like a brother,” Dimitrios explains. Their collaboration started with a strict plan and strategic daily efforts. “With our first professional reel, we put my profile on the public. We met with a positive response straight away, and that was the beginning.”

“You have to realize that there are different opinions out there. The good ones build you up, but working on the difficult ones is the other side of the coin. Take bad things with a smile, because the one who judges badly doesn’t know your goal: never give up!”

“Los Angeles is, in my eyes, a dream from my teenage years. I have learned that dreams can also come true. You have to wait for the right moment to realize your dreams,” Dimitrios shares. He envisions bringing his creativity to elegant brands and making a significant impact in the fashion world. “I could well imagine a fashion line for the modern, but also classically elegant man here, the way I love it about myself.”

With contacts in major film and series productions, Dimitrios is exploring where he best fits. “I also have musical projects in the pipeline, stay tuned,” he teases.