Songzio Men's Fall 2017

Our Fashion Designer to watch : London Fashion Week Mens 2017

We are all over Mens Fashion Week and were lucky enough to attend Songzio’s collection at LFW Mens earlier this year.

Founded in 1993, SONGZIO is a contemporary menswear brand. Based in Seoul and Paris, the brand has gained fame with its delicate emblematic new look: the black suit- his AW Collection kept it classic BLACK & WHITE with a touch of orange #LFWM #orangeisthenewblack

Founded in 1993 in Seoul, South Korea, SONGZIO gained fame with its emblematic look: the black suit. Working closely with the Korean entertainment industry, the brand frequently features actors Cha Seung-won, Lee Soo-hyuk and k-pop stars, Lee Jung-shin, Kim Hyung Jun, and Hwanhee and others in its Seoul fashion shows.

The brand is recognized for playing an important role in popularizing men’s fashion and high end designer clothing in Korea. SONGZIO began its international expansion in Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2006 with a new collection line. With its campaign, Paint on Black, the brand is known for fusing house art prints with contemporary designs in black.

In 2003, the brand launched its first diffusion line in Seoul, South Korea, ZIOSONGZIO, specializing in casual and commercial clothing line. The immediate commercial success of ZIOSONGZIO led to the subsequent launch of the brand’s third diffusion line online ZIOSONGZIO ON AIR for men and women, producing the highest revenue in the industry for 10 consecutive years.


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