The Blond Titans ‘Kill it on the Runway’

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The Blonds once again ignited the stage at New York Fashion Week with their mesmerizing Spring Summer 2024 collection, titled ‘The Blond Titans.’ This highly-anticipated show drew inspiration from the ‘Clash of Titans and ‘Britany Spears’, delivering a captivating fusion of fierceness and glamour to the runway.

Gracing the spotlight was the iconic “Pose” star and activist, Dominique Jackson, a true symbol of New York and its Fashion Week. Joining her were an array of stars making waves in the fashion scene, including Gigi Gorgeous, Aga Wojtasik, Ariela Soares, Marcela Ohio, Elena Azzaro, Veronika Terokhina , Esther Samuel, Josie Dupont, Larissa Marchiori, Lauren Elyse Forgé, and Elena Matei. Each brought their distinctive flair, contributing to a presentation.

The star of the runway as per usual, Phillipe Blond, not only a co-founder but also embodied the brand’s audacious and avant-garde spirit whilst bedazzling the audience. Gita Cellei caught David Blond just before the spectacular show.

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